Jewels answering frequently asked questions Here are the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. If this page does not contain the answer to your query, please feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

 Q: What if I don’t know how to cook?

A: if you can read, you can cook. The ingredients are listed for you, the directions are right there, but your reluctance is most likely due to fear of the unfamiliar territory (in this case the kitchen). I try to write all my recipes as if I were explaining them to a beginning cook, and my members often comment on how easy they really are once you try. As a premium member of you will have my experience and an entire online community of  people willing to share their advice and experience with you, so you never have to be alone in the kitchen!

Q: What if I can’t afford the membership or the groceries? My budget is just too tight for any extra expense.

A: Everyone has to eat, the PCA™ enables you to feed yourself and/or your family in the most economically efficient manner. The premium membership not only pays for itself, but SAVES you money if used correctly. For less than $2.50 a week you get the blueprint on how to use the plan, plus the support in the forum for help if you get stuck. One meal, or even one cup of coffee on the go will cost you more than the price of the membership that will help you eat more meals for less – which do you think will help you survive a down economy better?

Q: What if I have a finicky eater?

A:  First let me say, many people are surprised by how their families will actually start to widen their culinary horizons with these recipes, remember they are multi-client approved. However, most households do have that picky individual, or simply have different preferences. The PCA™ saves you the trouble of cooking different dinners for everyone in the house every night, because you have already cooked a variety in advance, just do tradeouts! Joe has the short ribs twice this week while you have his serving of risotto, plus yours. Once you have been doing this for a while, you will have a stash of meals he loves stored to pull out on the nights you crave something more sophisticated. Or, say your making Cashew Crusted Halibut, and your youngest will only eat plain foods. You can still broil a plain piece of halibut at the same time for him. There are also often meat or vegetarian suggestions to adapt the recipes themselves as well. There are so many ways to make the menu plan work for your household – you just have to think outside the box a little, but even that gets easier with practice.

Q: What if I am a vegetarian?

A: Most recipes can use animal free substitutions, such as Apricot Tofu instead of Apricot Lamb Chops, but for the ones that don’t lend freely to this – you would need to replace a recipe with one from the vegetarian section of my recipe library, then change the grocery list accordingly on my set menu plans, but now that you can build your own custom menu plans – this is really a moot subject!

Q: What if I have other dietary restrictions?

A: Only you know your specific dietary needs. Most recipes can be altered to fit within your requirements, but be sure you alter the grocery list accordingly. Jewels weekly menu plan may not be right for you, so choose the build your own custom menu plan instead. I also offer a customized menu plan service. I would do a 30 minute telephone consultation with you, then plan menus and recipes specifically for you. You can purchase this service in the shop.

Q: Isn’t the Personal Chef Approach™ really just a fancy way of saying leftovers?

A: When you learn how to cool, package, and store food correctly as soon as it is cooked – then heat it properly, it will retain it’s original integrity. PCA™ food is the next best thing to my being there cooking it for you, but most nights you’ll feel like I have.

Q: How do I know the best way to reheat the recipes?

A: I always use the term “heat to eat.” Reheat implies leftovers, and a leftover is the remains of food, poorly contained, forgotten about for days in the fridge, improperly heated, that of course tastes awful! As a premium member you will have access to my notes and upcoming tutorials on applying the PCA™ approach to your home, the forum with direct access to my advice and community support, plus heat to eat instructions will now generate automatically for you when you plan menus, in addition to being listed on all of my recipes.

Q: What if I’d like to use just the weekly menu plan?

A: The weekly menu plan is now available for purchase individually each week in my shop, but if you plan to cook more than once a month, the Premium Membership is a much better buy. Not only will you get my menu plan every week, you can now choose to build your own custom menu plan by just clicking on the recipes you would like to make, and the plan will automatically generate complete with grocery list and heat to eat instructions – not to mention all the other benefits like recipe scaling, your own favorites library, standard to metric conversions, support forum, and so much more.