People often view massage as a luxury, and being pampered does feel luxurious, but I look at it as a down payment on good health. Stress IS a killer. So, this week’s atom of gratitude is for spa week (mega discount rates), and the magnificent 1 1/2 hour combination Thai massage I had at Po Wat Thai Spa Friday night.

Julie Anne Rhodes maintaining health, vigor, and balance

Julie Anne RhodesAfter years of being sick with Crohn’s disease, then finally getting into remission, I instinctively knew stress control was the key to staying there. I was dead set against taking maintenance drugs and their side effects, so I used to have a woman come to my house once a week for massage, and to this day I credit Marina for my never having a relapse (it’s been 11 years, and no sign of the disease at all). My doctor thinks it’s a miracle. Wink, I know better.

A scene from the play Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Like everyone else, the economy meant having to pull my belt in a bit, plus I pour every cent I earn back into creating value for my customers, so I’ve been recklessly ignoring the benefits one gets from rejuvenating both body and mind with something as gratifying as a great massage in Beijing.

Jewels enjoying the spa and it's benefits today

                                                    Jewels enjoying the spa and it’s benefits today

Now I’ll let you in on the best part of the experience, I came back to work, and I have been twice as productive since granting myself that mini break. I’m also much more relaxed and happy, so I made a resolution to carve out enough time each week for a little tender loving care and respect for my body again. Thank you spa week for reminding me how beneficial massage can be in every aspect of my life.

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