Unabashed Glamour

“I’m the man who has spent 40 years measuring and studying women’s bodies. Not just thin women. Everyday real women. Real bosoms. Real problems. Women who have no tits and want them, and women who want them smaller. I build frocks.” – Antony Price Red velvet...
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The Birthday Gift That Went for Gold

Jewels: It’s harder (and more expensive) to do memorable birthday gifts for Tatjana as she gets older. Now there’s someone special in her life whose birthday happens to be just a couple days before hers to think of too, so I decided to go for… Keep Reading »

Rock the Westway

The invitation reads “ ‘Rock n Roll’ and ‘Public Library’ shouldn’t mix, one phrase is brash, loud the other sedate and quiet. Yet these two cultures are about to collide. For the first time since the 1850 Library Act that much loved British institution the… Keep Reading »

Atoms of Gratitude: Friendship & Fashion Fix

It was a particularly stressful, sleep deprived week this week between emergencies with both my daughter and my dog, furiously trying to get 200 recipes uploaded to the new site, auditions, blogs posts and menus to write, plus back to back clients – all of… Keep Reading »

Happy Father’s Day, Dad

Dad will be enjoying Father’s Day with his entire family around him this year as we cruise around Italy and Croatia in celebration of both of my parents upcoming 80th birthdays. Please excuse the brevity here, but we have a lot of sight-seeing and celebrating… Keep Reading »

Time is Money

” Nick Rhodes called and wanted to go for dinner. I was seeing Keith and Kenny and Ann Magnuson. Nick and Julie Anne wanted to eat so early, though. They were insisting on 7:30 and we finally made it 8:00 (cab $5). Went to Mr…. Keep Reading »

Mural by Jackson Pollock

Atoms of Gratitude: Enduring Beauty

I stole a couple hours with my “Aunt” (close family friend) Mary Pappajohn to tour the Des Moines Art Center while I was home last week. As we ate lunch, I looked out over the building I took art lessons in as a child from… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne & Johnnie Friedman

I May Not Be A Doll, but Happy Mother’s Day

I think mom was expecting a living, breathing doll that she could dress up, and I’d do exactly as told. I do share my birthday with Barbie – maybe the stork got confused? Instead, she gave birth to a stubborn, defiant, free-spirited daughter. I’m sorry the… Keep Reading »

Prince Still Rules My World

Tatjana and I are beyond bereft with the news. We have all have just lost another of the all-time great geniuses, and my personal favorite. 2016 seems to be the year of the grim reaper, but my lord what a jam is happening in heaven… Keep Reading »

Be Happy!

First, let me congratulate Jerry Hall on her nuptials this past week, and then I have to say “haters stop hating (it’s such unbecoming behavior). Just be happy!”
Simon Manley, Antony Price, Jerry Hall, Julie Anne and Nick Rhodes, Jade and Karis Jagger in Mustique by Dean… Keep Reading »

The Life & Times of David Bowie: Act II

I’m still so sad over the loss of David Bowie, both as an avid fan and an old friend. Thank you so much for the sheer pleasure your incredible body of work brought us all, and the warmth of your friendship. I hold so many… Keep Reading »


Vicissitudes: successive, alternating, or changing phases or conditions, as of life or fortune; ups and downs.
Julie Anne Rhodes: A new chapter
It is a New Year, and time for a new chapter in my life. There are BIG changes afoot in the Rhodes residence. New partners, new website, new clients, new home. The view will be quite different a year from… Keep Reading »

A First for the First Dinner of the Decade

 When Nick rang to wish Tatjana a Happy New Year, he let it slip that Tatjana is actually a really good cook. I have no doubt this is a skill she was hiding from me deliberately because she loves for me to make all her old… Keep Reading »