Dear Jewels: My Husband Is A Meat & Potatoes Guy & I Want Variety

 My husband likes to eat. He is a meat ‘n potatoes kind of guy. Fancy, vegetarian, ethnic, soup/stew, seafood are not his idea of a meal. Beef, pork, and the occasional chicken next to a starch and a vegetable is about my normal plate. He… Keep Reading »

Whining and Dining

We’ve all been there. Spent a fortune on a meal out on the town with that someone special only to have a screaming child take the romantic out of our rendezvous. What are the parents doing? Ignoring the offending behavior. Trust me, Tatjana had her moments… Keep Reading »

Creepin And A Crawlin!

The Halloween spirit is alive and well as usual in my neighborhood! Everyone is busy getting their costumes ready for the big night. There will of course be plenty of children trick or treating, but there is also a fabulous soiree for us older kids… Keep Reading »

Five Tips for Safe Halloween Fun

Halloween is a magical day for children and overgrown kids like myself. It’s also a time when kids get so excited (and filled to the gills with sugar) that they don’t make the best decisions – making it prime time for accidents to happen, and… Keep Reading »

Dear Jewels: How Do I Cook Venison?

 – Do you have any cooking tips for venison? I had a friend give me several steaks and I successfully made jerky (sarcasm). I have been told low heat/slow cook but still, it’s horrible. Tough, dry, blah. The steaks are roughly 1/2″ thick. Any suggestions? Thanks… Keep Reading »

The Way to a Man’s Heart

Is the way to a man’s heat through his stomach? I’m not referring to what gets a man into your bed, I’m referring to what keeps him there once the sizzle begins to fizzle. What qualities differentiate the women you want to bed, and the… Keep Reading »

London Part II

This trip to London was very low key for the most part. More about spending quality time with my daughter than sightseeing or socializing, although I did manage to squeeze in a fair bit of the later, along with plenty of fun playing games, going… Keep Reading »

The Tilquin Street Tails

Are you in need of cheering up?  I have the perfect remedy for you. It’s a new eBook out called The Tilquin Street Tails: A doggerel of sorts but certainly not dogmatic. Okay, so I may be slightly biased as the “American cousin” in the book… Keep Reading »

Dear Jewels: Packed School Lunch Ideas

 For some reason my daughter and her friends started a boycott of sandwiches about a year ago. It’s left us moms all floundering . Can you please help us out with suggestions for packed school lunches that might please this sandwich shunning brigade? – Rachel
Tatjana… Keep Reading »

Duran Duran Days and Cleanse Update

While I enjoy every second with my daughter and catching up with old friends, Duran Duran are about to play the Hollywood Bowl, so I thought it would be a great time to rerun this oldie but goodie. Just this trip alone, I’ve enjoyed dinner… Keep Reading »

How Adventurous Is Your Palate?

I used to wear my pearls, but it seems today people can actually eat them! Now I’m a fairly adventurous eater, up for trying most things at least once, but a recent shopping excursion to Fortnum & Mason’s (in London) with my daughter threatened to… Keep Reading »

Girl on Film

While working in Paris in 1985, I landed my first film role in a film called Une Femme ou Deux (A Woman or Two). Talk about jumping in at the deep end… my first scene ever was with Gerard Depardieu!

Gerard Depardieu with Julie Anne Rhodes… Keep Reading »

The Foody Direct Interview

I’m just off to visit my daughter and catch a little of London Fashion Week, but first I want to thank FoodyDirect for the lovely article they published about the Personal Chef Approach. What perfect timing to keep you all entertained while I travel!
London Fashion… Keep Reading »