Julie Anne has been honored in many other blogs and online magazines. Here are links to articles written about her recently:

The Outside Lane

Julie Anne Rhodes is another Woman Worth Knowing I’ve never met in person.  She came to my attention with a literal sucker punch.  You see, an 8th grade classmate of mine was crying one morning because Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran and had gotten married. … Keep Reading »

The Yuma Sun

For The Yuma Foodie’s recipes this week, I would like to share two of my own recipes and one I wish I could claim. My friend Julie Ann Rhodes from www.TheRovingStove.com created the Jewels Jasmine Turkey Burger, which she placed second with in the Food… Keep Reading »

Shaking the Tree

I could tell I’d matured a lot last night watching the Ultimate Recipe Showdown on the Food network. It was the “Burgers” episode. One of the chefs participating in the poultry burger competition was named Julie Anne Rhodes. “That’s funny,” I thought to myself. “That… Keep Reading »

The Ebell of Los Angeles

It seems that everywhere I turn, Red Velvet cake or cupcakes are the fascination du jour!  I’m fascinated by the reaction people will have at the mere mention of “red velvet” – as if there is no better taste, texture, dessert, memory in the world… Keep Reading »

A Rat’s Tail

Bloggers all seem so surreal. Do people really exist? Could I pinch them? Something about the internet is still so far fetched for me that when I meet a fellow blogger I want to test them to see if they are alive.  Last night, I… Keep Reading »

The Guide to Gorgeous

Mother, former model, actress and award winning personal chef Julie Anne Rhodes knows how to nourish her mind body and soul.
Read the full article at the Guide to Gorgeous website »… Keep Reading »


Julie Anne Rhodes and The Roving Stove are featured on the Cooking Channel’s segment on food in Los Angeles for Food(ography) with Mo Rocca…. Keep Reading »