Well chickadees, my staycation has finally morphed into a full fledge vacation. It is definitely time to recharge my batteries!

Jewels on the beach

Jewels on the beach

I plan to sit on a lovely beach, meditate, and reflect on life. I also want to swim until my heart’s content (and a few pesky pounds have vanished), read trashy novels, indulge in spa treatments, and fall asleep listening to the surf crash ashore.

Swim until my heart's content

Swim until my heart’s content

After all, modern day demands on our time are so demanding that an occasional change of scenery, a little pampering, and total relaxation should all be part of any beauty regime.

Recharging in Bali

Recharging in Bali

Part of coming back completely rejuvenated and ready to rock the PCA to the next level, means I need to completely unplug for a week, so here’s an oldie but goodie post I published about being honored on the Guide To Gorgeous, and my beauty tips from exactly five years ag0…


IMG_2702“I have to admit that I am blessed with good genes, and living in sun-deprived, damp London for 15 years certainly helped, but I do lead a healthy lifestyle today. I get plenty of exercise walking my dog everyday, and I try to squeeze in some weight, pilates, or Core London training at least 1-2 times a week. My diet consists of mostly fresh vegetables and lean protein. I do have pasta when I want it and the occasional dessert (life is too short to skip the sweet things). I don’t drink or smoke anymore and I try to get as much rest as possible.

I’d say my single greatest beauty tip is drinking gallons of water everyday. Keeping yourself hydrated from within keeps your skin look younger and toxins flushed out. I also swear by an inexpensive line of skin care called Nu Skin that I have been using since the 1980’s. I love the intensive eye cream, moisturizer and their rejuvenating cream.


I live the life I love today. I make the most of my time…even if that means doing nothing. I love having a lazy Sunday in bed reading and watching old movies. I surround myself with friends that make me laugh, and I don’t consider my career work at all, because I love what I do. We don’t get to choose what cards we are dealt in life, but we do get to decide how we want to play the game”



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  • August 15, 2009
    2:14 pm

    As we say here Down Under, "Good on you". Your words are quite true and yet so inspiring (your last line in the Gorgeous Girl article).Congratulations for enjoying what life has to offer and enjoying your own company, whether it be with friends or on your own.You are an inspiration (and you look fantastic).