Julie Anne Rhodes on the set
Doing a guest chef spot on a television show is not quite as simple as it looks. You don’t just show up to cook, unless your name happens to be Emeril or Martha (who have an army of people doing the grunt work for them).

Test run through

First I think about the menu and how the food will translate on camera. Is there enough color and texture? Considering this particular show will not air until fall, I had the additional challenge of finding ingredients that would be in season several months from now.

I like to do a tasting run through, making any tweaks to the recipe I feel may make it better. I’m also thinking about how to structure it to fit the time slot allotted. Then Guinea Pig #1 and I make lists, lists, and more lists. “Heavens to Betsy… I can’t bare to forget a thing!” It must be the Virgo rising sign.
The quest for the freshest and prettiest of everything
Time permitting, I also like to do a dress rehearsal. I’m thinking about what the camera will see apart from the food cooking, and ask myself “how can I keep it beautiful, yet relevant?” There is an art to arranging ingredients to entice and provoke the viewers curiosity. After all, the goal is to make them want to race into their own kitchen to recreate my recipe. Since they can’t smell or taste the food… it is crucial that it looks good.
Karla to the rescue
Off Guinea Pig #1 and I went to the grocery store when she let slip that she wanted to go to the music festival in Cochella for the weekend. Thankfully my friend Karla, from Karla’s Kreations sprouted angel wings, and drove in from Yuma to help with the heavy stuff.
Since my call time was at 7:15AM, and there would be an hour drive to Torrance beforehand… I decided this night owl would be wise to prepare the swap out (finished product) the night before.
Jewels getting ready for action
Propelled by numerous cups of coffee… Karla and I arrived on time, and set up.
Set decoration
More on getting ready to roll next time…
Harvest Short Rib Comfort
Buttered No-Yolk Noodles with Parsley
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  • April 23, 2010
    1:02 am

    Fascinating blog! I can't wait to watch the show. What channel does it air on? I'm assuming it's an LA show. Bummer it doesn't air until fall.Alison Sherman

  • April 23, 2010
    1:03 am

    Hiya Julie-Anne, sorry to bother but I have a question I hope you have an answer to.One of my best friends also suffers from Chrone's disease but he is not allowed tomatoes or anything tomato related. In your recepies I do see tomatoes so my question is: Is a bann on tomatoes normal for Chrone's desease? Are you allowed tomatoes? Thanks for your time! Have a good day….Ellis Mulder

  • April 23, 2010
    1:04 am

    Loved reading this! When you are all finished with the show will you be able to post the video to YouTube?Valerie Vallot

  • April 23, 2010
    1:04 am

    How exciting!I love the display and the fact that you manage to make the whole thing capture the eye. You certainly love attention to detail and it shows.It is autumn here in OZ(Melbourne), however we have been experiencing warmer weather than usual for this time of the year (not that I am complaining). Nevertheless, your Short Rib Comfort is certainly a dish to have right now. I love it.Cannot wait to hear more of your guest chef spot.Aussie Mum

  • April 23, 2010
    1:05 am

    wow,very colourful set!!! There must have been a good smell with all those fresh herbs!… Yes,the eye always wants his share.I remember how you made that burger look like,it's the case to say, a jewel.It really gave me the idea to be delicious :PMartina D' Epifanio

  • April 23, 2010
    1:05 am

    The show is called Community Cooking and it goes out to about 55,00 homes that have Time Warner in the area… I won't even get to watch it! They will eventually send me a dvd of it, so I'll share it with you all then.Ellis…Crohn's is much more complicated than that. What works for one person may not for another. So much depends upon the individual, and wether they have active disease, or are in remission. I've never heard you can't eat tomatoes before, but perhaps they are telling him that since tomatoes are acidic? I've been in remission for almost a decade, so I can, and DO eat whatever I like. I recommend he consults a nutritionist about his diet if he is having trouble.

  • April 23, 2010
    2:40 am

    Hey Aussie Mum… you will not be disappointed. When Karla and I did the dress rehearsal we had plans to go out for dinner and a movie, but the smell of the simmering short ribs soon made us change our minds!

  • April 24, 2010
    3:06 am

    The recipe sounds and looks wonderful! I'll be saving this one for family visiting me in September. Short ribs have always been a favourite and it's nice to see them used in a different way. Hope the show is a success and maybe the Food Channel takes note of it.

  • April 24, 2010
    10:29 pm

    Thank you Ruthee… recipe will follow on the next blog entry.

  • April 24, 2010
    10:40 pm

    yesDouglas Barton

  • April 24, 2010
    11:17 pm

    Hi!I live in the St Louis, MO area and today I visited a place that I thought you would appreaciate, Soulard Market, the oldest farmers market west of the Mississippi.It was my first trip and it was amazing! I don't cook much but so many of your recipes look like something I can handle, Soulard inspired me more. I am trolling through your blog for recipes then I will make my list, then hopefully, next Saturday morning I will be back at Soulard, doing my shopping.Thanks for keeping the blog.Kellyhttp://stlouis.missouri.org/citygov/soulardmarket/