The year could not have begun on a better note – Tatjana came home and I finally got to meet the boyfriend. Poor Aaron hardly knew what hit him when he was immediately whisked away to Newport Beach to meet the grandparents too. Living directly on the beach is far from a hardship. Judging by the smiles – I think it’s fair assumption that it was to their liking (and mine).

Aaron & Tatjana

Aaron & Tatjana

Plus, we did do the whole Hollywood tourist act later. Once they left, it was nose to the grindstone again with The Roving Stove busier than ever…

Clients with supersized appetites

Clients with lots of trainers and super-sized appetites

… while getting major nods of approval from members for the new Personal Chef Approach website and some serious investors!

With John Taylor, Robert Downey Jr., and Buzz Aldren

With John Taylor, Robert Downey Jr., and Buzz Aldrin

All work and no play would be boring, but who knew sobriety could be so much fun? I was honored to be “Miss March” in the New PATH calendar, and had a blast at the celebrations for John Taylor‘s 2013 Writers in Treatment Experience, Strength, & Hope Award…

Flowers, Fashion, & Friends

Flowers, Fashion, & Friends

… and what woman could resist a party  boasting art, opera, flowers, fashion, and friends?

New color

New color

Speaking of highlights, I wouldn’t exactly call it a “wild hair” (how can one possibly compete with an ex who once had lavender hair), but I was ready for a change this year, so I got a little ombre action going on.

Making the video

Making the video

Then it was lights, camera, action – and time to introduce the world to the Personal Chef Approach with a new intro video for the website.

New recipes

New recipes

Of course the creative vibe continued throughout the year – painting with flavor (writing, testing, and photographing over 50 new recipes).

Full of Daisy love

Full of Daisy love

Everyone needs a little down time and cuddles, and I can always rely on Daisy to supply plenty of them!

Brotherly love in Kansas City

Brotherly love in Kansas City

My gypsy soul has been happy too with trips to Des Moines, visiting my Uncle Harlan in Kansas City (I love this photo of Harlan and mom together), spending time with Tatjana, Aaron, my sister and her family in London…

Sister love in London

Sister love in London

… then celebrating Mom and Dad’s upcoming 80th birthdays on the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas.

Celebrating Mom & Dad's 80th birthdays in Italy, Croatia, & Montenegro...

Celebrating Mom & Dad’s 80th birthdays in Italy, Croatia, & Montenegro…

Tatjana and I had to divert our travel plans to Istanbul yet again (this time due to erupting civil unrest instead of volcanoes), but made the most of our trip to Rome instead.

Playtime in Rome

Playtime in Rome

The wonder of social media continued to reconnect me with friends old and new…

Wendy Frazier, Nicky Summer, and Jodi Zulueta

Jewels with Wendy Frazier, Nicky Summer, Debbie Arnold and Jodi Zulueta

… which of course meant plenty of entertaining too…

Lots of entertaining

Reconnecting with friends old and new

… and being entertained when I joined cousins in Claremont for Thanksgiving dinner …

A little cousin love and no more kids table!

The Thanksgiving “kids table” all grown up

… and continued to celebrate Dad’s 80th birthday in Denver.

Still celebrating that 80th birthdays

Still celebrating that 80th birthday

Precious mother-daughter time is always essential for balance, so Tatjana and I packed in as many screenings, giggles, and mani-pedis possible

Precious mother-daughter time

A little precious mother-daughter time

before she went back to her beau for Christmas and I returned to the beach where I began the year to contemplate my plans for 2014. What were your favorite memories of 2013, and what do you have planned for 2014?

Back to the beach the year began on

Then back to the beach where the year began



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  • December 31, 2013
    2:02 pm

    Lovely reflection of the past year Julie Anne.
    From the land of Oz I send you the very best of wishes for 2014. Happy New Year!
    May the year ahead wrap you with so much love, good health and many more special moments with family and friends.

    • December 31, 2013
      6:07 pm

      HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too Aussie Mum! Wishing you and the family all of the best. J xo

      • January 1, 2014
        1:06 am

        Thank You Jewels.
        As the 1st day of 2014 is almost over in Oz, I wonder what the year ahead will be. My job of almost 24 yrs may be over very soon (long story) and although I have bitter/sweet memories, I believe things are meant to be.
        My best friend of 31 yrs and I plan on perhaps starting our own creative artistic adventure. Although we have been slightly nervous the last year we believe the time may be right NOW. So I am going by NIKE’s slogan of “Just Do It” this year and going for it. Life is too short for regrets.
        Cyber hugs xo