You may recall, I wanted to invite Edith Head to my ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – Silver Screen Edition’ party last week “to hear what she makes of today’s fashion and costume designers – many of whom have been heavily influenced by the glamour she regaled upon Hollywood.” Why you might ask?

My first Antony Price dress, the Marilyn - photo courtesy of Mathew Ralston

My first Antony Price frock, the Marilyn dress – photo courtesy of Matthew Ralston

I’ve spent many an evening discussing the days of Hollywood glamour past, and I’ve stood patiently as my body was hoisted this way and that, while more than a few pins found their way into my flesh, trussed into tight corsets, then having to learn how to walk as if I had a rope tied around my knees (or in the case of my wedding gown, tied around my ankles), only to look into the mirror and gasp like a little girl who’d just been transformed into a princess.

Harper's Bazaar looks back at the "dresses and excesses of the coolest rock'n roll nuptials of all time

Harper’s Bazaar looks back at the “dresses and excesses of the coolest rock’n roll nuptials of all time.”

Every second of it had been worth it! No one today can do old Hollywood glamour better than Antony Price, much less his unique couture approach (I’ve been sworn to secrecy). With Oscar drawing near, stars and their stylists should take note! Are you listening Rachel Zoe?

Dressed by the best, Antony Price

Dressed by the best, Antony Price

Evidently, my friend and former owner of my modeling agency in London once remarked, “no one could wear Antony Price like Julie Anne.” I was so honored by that compliment when another friend repeated it to me. It’s certainly true Antony has been my favorite designer since the moment we met several decades ago, and I’ll only part with the multitudes of frocks he made me over the years when the Victoria and Albert Museum do a lifetime retrospective on his work.

Posing in Antony Price

Posing in Antony Price

I miss Tone and all the fun we used to have together.  One of my Facebook friends shared this video with me recently – a documentary on Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music and where it all began. It’s a great insight into Tone’s artistic process, and his highly eccentric perspective on life that intrigues, occasionally infuriates me, but never fails to amuse me. Who’s clothes do you think we will see this year’s Oscar contenders wearing?

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