“I don’t have time to cook, I burn everything I touch, I’m exhausted after a long day, …” there will always be excuses (trust me, I have a whole arsenal of my own excuses not to cook), but the fact remains we have to eat. It all boils down to wether you want to stay in the problem, or get into the solution?

I get it - we're ALL busy

I get it – we’re ALL busy

The Personal Chef Approach offers a real solution that doesn’t require a lot of forethought, effort, or pots and pans to clean up on a daily basis. We also offer support so anyone, even the novice (or terrible) cook, can master the technique.

Do you know?

With a modicum of concerted effort once a week, you can still sit down to delicious home cooked meals in the comfort of your own home as often as you like. Delicious meals that go from refrigerator to table faster than you could go through the drive-thru! Wouldn’t you rather eat healthy, wealthy, and wise? Let me break that down for you:

Eat healthy, wealthy, and wise

Healthy:  Chronic diseases are reaching epic proportions today –  we already know we need to make healthier choices. The best way to achieve this is to go back to eating home cooked meals with whole foods instead of a diet full of highly processed convenience foods. Don’t relinquish your power or your ability to choose, because the only way to ensure you’re really achieving that goal is to control the ingredients, their quality, and source yourself. How else will you know for sure you’re really eating organic produce vs. conventional, or GM, hormone, antibiotic, and chemical free?

Wealthy: Well that’s a no brainer – when you eat more meals at home, you spend less in restaurants and take-aways. Plus, just think about all those groceries you’ve bought with good intentions that end up spoiling, because you never got around to cooking them in time. With the PCA you cook everything at once, store, and preserve your meals at their peak freshness. Even if your plans change, you simply pop that prepared meal in the freezer for a later date. In fact, members say they save much more than the $2.50 a week it costs to be a member, and that means more money in your pocket.

What would you do with up to 7 hours of extra time per week?

Wise: Our time is the one commodity most of us find in the most demand, so how much is your time worth? Members report freeing up as much as 7 hours per week when they practice the Personal Chef Approach. What would you do with all that extra time? Tell me in the comment section below. BTW, wise move #1 is to try the Personal Chef Approach FREE for one month. Just like our Facebook page and click TRY THE PCA.

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