Work in the real word has interfered with my getting my next cyber world post out to you today, but that just means the next one will be extra special.

Julie Anne on set with Gerard Depardieu
My film career started in France with a small part with none other than, Gerard Depardieu. The Gods have smiled down upon me yet again, since I will be cooking Sicilian food today with the master, Chef Joe DiMaggio Jr, for the cameras again.
Jewels on Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown
I am so honored that he invited me, and can not wait to see what all I learn today!
On set at Community Cooking in Torrence
I’ts very hush hush at this point (I’ll ask what details I can share with you), and I’ll be back on Tuesday, so please check back then. Ciao for now!
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  • August 8, 2010
    7:16 pm

    Good for you! =)