One of the highlights of my career was being was asked to be a guest judge along with many of the countries top chefs on an episode of MasterChef last fall. Among those illustrious chefs was Susan Feniger who also happens to own one of my favorite neighborhood haunts, the Mud Hen Tavern here in LA.

MasterChef Guest Chefs

Guest judge Susan Feniger (in front of yours truly) on the semi-finals of MasterChef Season 5

Her menu is incredibly inventive as well as yummy, with the added advantage of offering many of the delicacies  made completely vegan, so it means I can entertain my vegan friends – even when I’m feeling carnivorous. Dad requested we go for dinner while they were here visiting week before last, and it was so good I decided to take my foodie guest visiting from Minnesota back there for brunch a couple days later.

Chicken & Waffle Croquettes with Slow-Cooked Eggs & Greens

Chicken & Waffle Croquettes with Slow-Cooked Eggs & Greens

The irresistible chicken and waffle croquettes are always a must have. The spicy maple sauce is so incredibly sublime, my father actually scraped what little was left on the plate into a glass for us to drink, rather than let mom and me impolitely mop up every last drop with our fingers. I don’t think you can give a chef a higher compliment than that, and it did seem to amuse her greatly.

Dinner with mom and dad

Dinner with mom and dad

I also didn’t think it was possible to make this dish any better, but the runny yolks of the slow-cooked eggs at brunch added yet another mouthwatering dimension of richness balanced nicely by a smidgeon of braised greens. Not being a deviled egg fan myself, I passed on the Green Eggs & Ham, although I do love that my daughter’s favorite Dr. Seuss book made it onto the menu, and feel it’s worth noting that one of my friends from an earlier visit favored them, and asks for them every time we go there now.

Slow-Cooked Eggs Benedict

Breakfast Ravioli Benedict

Intrigued by the concept of slow-cooked eggs (and not realizing the croquettes would also come with them), plus any excuse to have ravioli for breakfast, I ordered the Breakfast Ravioli Benedict. The juxtaposition between the textures of the al dente ravioli with creamy ricotta and spinach filling, soft oozing egg, and crispy pancetta along with a perfectly tuned chorus of flavors accented with a hint of heat did NOT disappoint. I couldn’t shovel it in my mouth fast enough, although…

Boneless Beef Shortrib with Buttemilk Biscuit, housemade Scrapple, and Wild Mushroom Gravy

Boneless Beef Shortrib with Buttemilk Biscuit, housemade Scrapple, and Wild Mushroom Gravy

… I did save room for a huge bite of the Boneless Short Ribs served with a Buttermilk Biscuit,  because I remembered Susan telling me the short ribs were her favorite new addition to the menu. Wow, she wasn’t kidding about the melt in your mouth tender meat! Even though this was normally the pork shoulder preparation with a wonderfully tangy mushroom sauce (I’d opted for the pork the evening before, but they’d run out of pork that morning) , the recipe worked equally well with the beef.

Maple Old Fashioned Donut

Caramel Apple Donut

And now it is time for true confessions, YES WE DID order the Caramel Apple Donut dripping in warm apple caramel sauce worth every single calorie! Now you know why I do not eat out often – I have a hard time turning down temptation, and my figure shows it when I’ve had too much of a good thing, so it’s back to the PCA for me.


Yours truly

I also do not have time to cook much during the week these days, so I do practice what I preach. If you’d like to know more about what the Personal Chef Approach is all about and what it can do for you – please watch the video below….

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