How Does The PCA™ Work?  There are as many different ways to apply the Personal Chef Approach™ to your own home, as there are members using it! Through doing, you’ll find your own groove. These are the basic steps, and how I make the most efficient use of my time as a culinary professional.



Flexibie: As a home cook you will enjoy much more flexibility. For instance, I know some of my members prefer to purchase the groceries and prep all the ingredients at once, but only cook one or two meals in advance. Since they’ve already planned the week ahead, bought the groceries, and prepped the ingredients for the remaining meals that week – it still comes together very quickly for them on the night.

Convenience: Some like to double batches, so they cook less often (freezing the extra servings), while others like to cook all at once like I do. They have more spare time on the weekend, and find fun ways of making it a family activity! Cooking together is a unique way to bond with your significant other and/or children while teaching them a skill they will need when they fly the nest (plus a practical lesson in applying math and science skills). Or, perhaps you would prefer some quiet “me time?” Let cooking be a form of meditation where you let go of all of the day’s stresses and focus on creating something wonderful.

Enjoyable: Regardless of how you do it, the important thing is to jump in and get your hands dirty! Adjust your attitude to one of finding joy in cooking instead of approaching it as a chore. You will cook less frequently with the PCA™, so cooking may become more enjoyable, plus you’ll never have to be the household’s short order cook again! There will already be a selection of meals to choose from. Members should also search threads in the forum for additional ways to deal with fussy eaters.

No Experience Necessary: Remember, “if you can read, you can cook”, and if you get stuck, you are never alone in the kitchen – pop into the forum, and ask for help (or share your ideas, successes, and thoughts). I’m in there frequently, and many of our members enjoy supporting and sharing with each other too. It works like any community – the more you participate, the more you will gain from taking part.

The PCA Basics


Please subscribe to either monthly or yearly membership for access to my step by step approach. Set a few hours aside each week to print, shop, and cook, then kick back and enjoy healthy home cooked meals in the comfort of your own home the rest of the week (or longer) – ready faster and with less effort than going through a fast food drive-thru. 

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'How it Works'

Member Benefits

Eat Smart

Shop intelligently and cook like a pro ONCE a week to enjoy delicious, healthy meals all week long. Imagine coming home after a long day at work, and all you have to do is heat to eat a delicious dinner. It's on the table in minutes and you've saved at least an hour each night to enjoy however you like, with the people you love.

Delicious & Scalable Recipes

Over 300 client-tested and approved recipes you can rely on, with one touch scaling that updates your grocery list as well the recipes on your custom menu plan. You control the ingredients, so you know you're eating healthier - no hidden sugars, chemicals or preservatives.

Standard & Metric Measurements

One click recipe conversion from Standard Measurements to Metric, plus you can translate into many different languages.

Keep Healthier Choices Readily Accessible

When you plan, shop, and cook the PCA way, it's much easier to avoid the fast food fix. You'll already have an array of healthier choices ready to grab when hunger pangs strike.

Convenient & Fast

Your choice of the week's "no-brainer" chef planned menu plan, or the easy to use custom menu planning tool - just click on the recipes you want to add to your plan, and grocery lists and heat to eat instructions will automatically generate along with your menu plan! With just a few well organized hours on the weekend, dinner will be ready faster than you could go through the drive-thru most nights, but in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Best part of all? The pots and pans are already done, so clean-up is a snap too.

Financial Savings

You'll waste fewer groceries when you shop with a plan and cook your ingredients all at once, you'll save on restaurants and take-away, plus you'll conserve energy (utilities and your own). Membership can easily pay for itself and more.

Quality Lifestyle

It's all about a healthier, more convenient, quality of life. Our goal is to help you worry less about dinner, and have more time for the people and activities that matter most to you.