TIME is the one commodity we all lack. The Personal Chef Approach™ streamlines that time and effort required to get healthy, delicious meals on the table nightly. Membership and now our gift certificates offer the user their own custom menu plans in just a few clicks, instantaneously scalable award-winning recipes, grocery list and heat to eat instructions generated automatically, plus unprecedented support.

Give the gift of time!

Give the gift of time this holiday season, and if you’re lucky they’ll share the bounty!

A unique and perfect gift for the holidays, they’re available in one month, three month, and yearly certificates to fit every budget. Oops, did you forget a gift for someone special? No problem, just enter the name, email, and gift message then proceed to check out, and the gift will be waiting in their inbox for them immediately – even after hours, or on the holiday itself.

Three Month Gift Cetrificate

Gift Certificates available in one month, three month, and one year certificates for every budget

WIth just a few days left until Christmas I thought I would let the members tell you in their own words why they find the PCA so valuable:

 I HATED cooking before becoming a member. Each recipe you post, each weekly menu I get as a member has a domino effect on how I cook, how my family eats, and how healthy we are.” – Jodi Zulueta

“This site has saved me huge amounts of time and more importantly, so much less hassle at meal time. I have two girls… 4 and 5 and a picky husband. Previously, I was cooking up to three different meals per night. I’m now able to relax knowing a full week of dinners are already done.” – Rachel Cree-Lowe

Oops, forget a gift? No problem, GC’s can be in their inbox immediately – even on the holiday!

“You’ve taught us so much, more than just cooking. We’ve learned how to manage our time better, how to get the little ones to try just a bite and how to sneak veggies onto their plates. You’ve built a community that has brought so many like minded people together. On my side alone, you’ve convinced me that even though I’m alone, I still deserve to have good, healthy meals. You’ve also taught me to take a chance and try cooking when I truly felt that I was a lost cause. I’m sure each and every member has similar tales to share about how you’ve inspired us to cook new meals, and we feel one big family here.” – Ruthee MacDonald

“Her training guides are FOOLproof, her cuisine is modern, inspired and innovative, for any occasion you can think of and all the days in between. Plus, she’s hot. Come on foodie men! It’s a week by week system that’s quite genius, actually. Even for the culinarily challenged.” – James Burkeen

A unique and perfect gift that gives all year long!

A unique and perfect gift that gives all year long!

“I just want to thank you, Jewels, for making my kitchen life easier. The PCA™ saves me so much time, money, and calories!” – Suzanne Schroeder

This is my “go to” site to access trusted, delicious, recipes, to chat with like-minded people about cooking, entertaining, menu planning and family life etc. A really user friendly format, pleasing graphics and Julie Anne is great about posting new information and chiming in on conversations regularly.” – Kim Cuccia

PCA Party

Personal Chef Approach™ parties are a blast too!

BTW, Personal Chef Approach™ parties are a blast too! Giving a membership is a great way to convince your friends to share the shopping, prep and cooking with you over wine, giggles, and a bite together. Then everyone takes home their servings of each meal for the week ahead, and voilà! Dinner impossible just turned into Dinner Accomplished for the week ahead! 

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  • December 21, 2012
    1:34 pm

    Love the idea of a PCA party with everyone cooking and taking home a meal! Might be an idea to try with a few friends of mine who like to drop by. Not so sure if I could get them cooking, they’re more inclined to like the easy approach of just taking home a container of food without any labour involved. LOL Might just have to surprise them and make them work for their meal.
    Anyway, I couldn’t live without PCA! I know that I wouldn’t cook meals each night, so this way, cooking once a month or so and having meals ready to pull out to reheat just works best for me. If anyone is debating whether or not they would make use of a membership, I can guarantee you that you’ll be wondering why you waited so long to join!