Tracy Morgan ( who I find infinitely hilarious) tweeted this yesterday, “What r you guys doing for labor day? I might want to stop by.” My reply? “I’m laboring. Are you any good at biz plans?” I’m not holding my breath for that visit. I don’t actually know Tracy Morgan, but then my life seems to be filled with cyber friends I don’t really know. They are only a split second tweet away, therefore require less free time than real species.

Labor Day weekends past - at the beach with an old beau

Labor Day weekends past – at the beach with an old beau

I’m sure you have those friends  – the ones that every time they fall in love, it feels like another one bites the dust. They’re never heard from again until that relationship goes terribly wrong, and they need your shoulder to cry on. Well, I always prided myself on not being that type, but I think I somehow unwittingly became one of those when I fell in love with my career. Obsession would probably be a more fitting description.

A sneak peek of the new website I’ve been working on. It’s due to launch next month!

On the increasingly rare outings (hence the lack of exciting blog fodder – so sorry), I notice my friends eyes glaze over, while stifling a yawn and politely feigning interest as nothing but business spills from my lips. At the moment, that is the center of my universe, so I have little else to contribute to the conversation. I’m not interested in frivolities. I have a burning desire to learn, push my own boundaries, and succeed. I find myself seeking out companionship of fellow entrepreneurs, especially those that have blazed trails before me. It may not be as glamorous to write about as dinner with Duran Duran swathed in Versace for all of you, but I find those evenings fascinating beyond belief.

With longtime friend and business mentor, fashion designer Maria Grachvogel

As much as I would love to regal you with stories of fabulous soirees, dripping in gems, dining over witty repartee with an army of celebrities, the truth of the matter is I do not have the time to do all that right now. I’m much more Wizard of Oz than Paris or Perez Hilton. Presenting a bigger than life persona to the world, when in reality I’m busy pulling all the levers. In absence of the 72 hour day, there is no time for anything else.

I’ll be back to my old social diva ways soon enough

Don’t worry, the social diva is as much a part of who I am, as this new emerging career-driven self, so I’m sure I’ll get my social groove back on again down the road. I promise I have not bitten the dust. I’m just a child with a new favorite toy. If you want a part of my world, you’ll just have to play in this sandbox for a while. At least the sand castles I build smell as good as they taste! What did you do for Labor Day?


I threw this recipe together quickly for a business dinner meeting with ingredients I needed to use up last week, and it got the major thumbs up from my newest pair of guinea pigs. In fact it disappeared so quickly that I just had to test the recipe again the next morning, so I could photograph it for you. Who knew? Crispy ginger peaches taste pretty darn yummy for breakfast as well as dessert!



10 ginger snap cookies, processed into crumbs in a food processor (or place in a large ziploc baggies, and crush with a rolling pin)
2 tablespoons butter, softened, plus extra for buttering a baking dish
4 ripe peaches, halved
2 tablespoons turbinado sugar
4 scoops Vanilla bean ice cream


1). Preheat oven to 400° F. Grease a baking dish lightly with butter.

2). Combine the ginger snap crumbs and softened butter together with the back of a fork; set aside.

3). Slice the peaches in half, and place skin side down (center up) in the baking dish. Top with crumbled ginger snap and butter mixture. Sprinkle evenly with turbinado sugar, and bake for 10-12 minutes, or until topping has browned and crisped up.

 This post was first published September 4, 2012
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  • September 5, 2012
    6:43 pm

    Your post is so on point! Nothing wrong with not being in the social groove right now. I am the same way due to a full-time job and graduate school. The way I see it is I am building a solid foundation for my future so that come hell or high water, I have a career and solid financial footing to fall back on. I’ve learned along the way that true friends will support your career and/or education aspirations and do all they can to help you reach the top.

    I believe that people come into our lives for a reason or a season. When people stay in my life, that means they have roots like a tree and aren’t going anywhere! The ones that come and go like leaves falling from a tree were only meant to be around for a short time and then move on. I have always learned something valuable from those that have touched my life briefly and realize that their part in my story is finished and I have to keep moving forward. That is what you are doing now Jewels, your hard work and determination is taking your life and career to the next level. What a blessing!

    BTW I love that color on you in the first picture! :o)

    • September 6, 2012
      9:10 am

      There will come a time where I can carve out a little more time for friends and fun, and I know they will be there when I’m ready. They’re just respecting my space at the moment, and I love them all the more for it.

  • September 6, 2012
    6:15 am

    Tonia – very well said! I thoroughly agree with you.

    I’m very particular who I select to keep in my circle; those who are solid, stable, genuine.

    The ones that are flighty I keep at arm’s length.

    But there’s a profound distinction between someone who drops in and out of your life because a relationship goes south versus someone that is working their tail off.

    There’s a difference between choosing not to make time and genuinely just not having any time.

    I am in the midst of trying to build a career outside of my day job and I can fully appreciate the exorbitant amount of time it takes to nurture and grow a business – it’s like having a child. A NEWBORN, at that!

    But one thing I know I can always rely on that’s stable – Jewel’s PCA is like my nanny – it allows me to juggle all that I do and still be able to provide well-balanced, healthy, easy meals to my family.

  • September 6, 2012
    11:11 am

    I think everyone on the PCA team would agree: We’d prefer to hear about PCA, the business and your new ideas more than celeb tales. Sure it’s a fun read once in a while but if it’s one thing twitter has shown it’s that sometimes celebs are boring and a bit self important as some of their fans are nuts. I’d much rather hear about Julie Anne Rhodes than Mrs Nick Rhodes if that makes sense.

    • September 8, 2012
      1:30 pm

      Agree and very well put Rachel! It is really refreshing to read about Jewels and HER accomplishments. I am thoroughly enjoying the important information Jewels post about food/food safety/new menu ideas. I especially liked her explanation on organic vs.non-organic foods. It was a real eye-opener for me.

  • September 6, 2012
    9:13 am

    “There’s a difference between choosing not to make time and genuinely just not having any time.”

    Brilliantly put, and I think my friends do make that distinction – at least the close ones. I think I have shocked a few of them, since I have never been this driven about a career before, and they are genuinely pleased for me.

  • September 8, 2012
    9:48 am

    Right on point Rachel! I love hearing about your creative ideas Jewels and love reading new recipes. I started reading your blog to read about food and how your PCA methods were moving things forward. And that’s why I’m still here. Of course, I care about you as a friend, that goes without saying, but I’m still saying it. Hugs to you and keep rocking the business plan! It’s all going to pay off in the near future.

  • September 9, 2012
    7:22 pm

    Im going through this now .. I have a lover called work. I work a day job and night job radio gig. I love it so much but Ive been a bad friend to many. 16 hour days Have to find the balance. I am sorry I’ve been away. You are one of my biggest inspirations. I never gave up x I love this post lots of love to you JAR XX