I’ve already waffled on about how much I love being a mother, but I also lucked out when parents were being handed out. Now I’ve been spoiled with easy access to mom and dad in Palm Springs all winter, I find myself missing them more than usual. That got me thinking about the influence each of them has had on the person I am today. Since it’s Mother’s Day, I’ll concentrate on Mom.

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My sense of style is definitely from my mother. I do remember a few arguments about the length of my skirt, in the opposite direction than you might imagine. It was the sixties, and minis were in. Mom would take me into the Younkers fitting rooms to have my skirts hemmed, and I would throw a major tantrum, if once the seamstress pinned the skirt, I could bend over and see my underwear.

My love of fashion comes from Mom

My love of fashion comes from Mom

Then there were the battles in my teens over my living in the same old ragged bell-bottomed blue jeans and t-shirts, refusing to ever get dressed up. Well we all know who won that battle in the long-run!

Julie Anne and Tatjana Rhodes by Johnnie Friedman

Julie Anne and Tatjana Rhodes by Johnnie Friedman

My love of art and admiration for artists also began with mom. I sat for her once as a child. For the sake of peace and quiet she decided against a repeat performance (it’s pretty hard to stay still in one position when you are 3), although she did capture Tatjana from a photograph 25 years later.

Finding long lost friends in museums

Visiting long lost friends in museums – Keith Haring at Art in the Streets Exhibition

Mom dragged me through a gazillion galleries and museums, kicking and screaming all the way in the beginning, until one day I realized I could recognize an artists‘ work, and the immense joy it gave me to behold. Mom was right yet again.

With mom 1984

I get my nurturing instinct from Mom

However, the most important attribute came from my-stay-at home mother, and the mandatory family dinners in our household that ¬†instilled a strong sense of being cared for, and a desire to nurture others. I learned to cook modeling my mother’s behavior in my own toy kitchen until one morning I snuck downstairs (age 4), and made breakfast in bed for my parents on Mother’s Day.

One Year GC

Once my own daughter had grown and flown the nest, The Roving Stove was a natural progression that allowed me to nurture other people’s family’s, and now the Personal Chef Approach, so that I can help YOU get healthy dinners on the table nightly for your own busy households. Need a last minute gift for mom? Why not give her the gift of time with a Personal Chef Approach gift certificate? We have one to fit every budget!

I can’t give you the stay at home mother I had, but the forum is the next best thing – you’ll have direct access to my advice and a whole community for support, so even the novice cook can rock out dinners right from the start! Please watch the video above for more about how the Personal Chef Approach works.

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