Spicy Maple-Bourbon Candied Bacon

Hitting all the right sweet, salty, spicy, and crunchy notes – what’s not to love about Spicy Maple-Bourbon Candied Bacon? Serve this as an enticing hors d’oeuvres, or a kicked-up special occasion side dish for breakfast or brunch. Better still, you’re likely to have all… Keep Reading »

Blueberry Buttermilk Smoothie

Tangy buttermilk coupled with antioxidant packed blueberries create a decadently creamy, yet low fat smoothie packed full of health benefits to start your day…. Keep Reading »

Thanksgiving Frittata

Adapting a Spanish frittata American-style makes a great day-after-the-holiday brunch entree that helps you use up those yummy Thanksgiving leftovers in a highly flexible and innovative way. Feel free to substitute whatever you happen to have on hand, or would like to add…. Keep Reading »

Breakfast Smoothie

This is a delicious, nutrient packed way to start the day. Better still, you’ll get spinach down your finicky eaters with them being none the wiser! Keep your favorite frozen fruits on hand, so you can enjoy this all year round…. Keep Reading »


I made this particular frittata with ham, asparagus, shredded mozzarella, and potato since that was what I had on hand. There are endless combinations that would be equally divine, so let your imagination run wild, and use your favorite meats, cheese, vegetables and herbs (or… Keep Reading »

Breakfast Jewel Parfait

This is a breakfast staple for me. I love the contrasting textures of the smooth yogurt, crunchy Kashi cereal, and fruit.
 … Keep Reading »

Cinnamon Rolls PM Park Style

One of my fondest memories of my parent’s lake house in Clear Lake, Iowa was of them biking around the lake with all of their friends on the weekend for breakfast at PM Park. This is my take on the cinnamon rolls they are still… Keep Reading »

Brown Butter Omelet

It was Lord Anthony Snowden that gave me my first cooking lesson. He taught me to use brown butter when making an omelet. He was in Des Moines for a photographic exhibition at Younkers, the chain of stores where my father was president, as part… Keep Reading »

Honey Kumquat Cake

This recipe was adapted from one that Nordic Ware sent me, along with this fabulous, whimsical bakeware pan. A client very kindly shared some kumquats with me – straight from his tree, so I decided had to try this.  To give the kumquats extra zing… Keep Reading »

Croissant French Toast

Hands down the lightest, flakiest French toast you will ever eat. Of course you can serve it traditionally with maple syrup, but the cinnamon compound butter is an extraordinarily elegant touch for special occasions, and both are easy to make…. Keep Reading »