Keith Haring Gingerbread Art

One of Tatjana’s and my favorite holiday traditions has always been baking and making gingerbread houses together. This year we decided – why not honor a dear friend and create something a little more interesting, so we decided to make Keith Haring gingerbread cookies instead…. Keep Reading »

Cinnamon-Raisin Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies embody so many of my favorite flavors – creamy butter, exotically aromatic cinnamon, richly sweet brown sugar, chewy raisins and chunky texture from the old fashioned oats, mmmmmmm! Guaranteed to fill the house with drool worthy aroma so enticing it’s hard to wait… Keep Reading »

Pear & Almond Crumble

The aroma of pear & almond crumble wafting through the house always lifts my spirits. Adding slivered almonds and oat meal to the crumb topping adds an extra dimension of texture to the sweet pears bubbling with caramelized cinnamon sugar underneath…. Keep Reading »

Chocolate Waffles

I would not be my grandmother’s daughter if I were not a chocoholic! I remember my grandmother making these chocolate waffles topped with banana cream ice cream and Hanks chocolate sauce as a child, so I resurrected them here with my salty caramel ice cream… Keep Reading »

Raspberry Beret Bars

I’d like to dedicate my newest recipe to Prince for making me feel twenty-one, and inspiring me to get creative at what I do best again after a great concert I went to with my daughter, Tatjana…. Keep Reading »

Rose Scented Pink Grapefruit Angel Food Cupcakes

High tea happens to be one of my favorite services that I offer my clients. It’s perfect for wedding and baby showers, and these light airy clouds of fragrant rose and pink grapefruit angel food cupcakes look so beautifully feminine on a platter with the colorful edible… Keep Reading »

Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream

There are three main kinds of vanilla bean; Madagascar, Mexican, and Tahitian which hails from French Polynesia and happens to be the fruitiest and sweetest of the vanilla beans, making it perfect for desserts. Since we started with French Polynesia, I decided to make this… Keep Reading »

Valrohna Chocolate Lava Cakes

This is my interpretation of a dessert Tatjana ordered called  “Half cooked Gil’s” while on holiday in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Rich chocolate cake hot from the oven oozing yummy warm chocolate from it’s center…. Keep Reading »

Jewels Berry Tart of Heart

A quick heart healthy, light dessert I came up with for Valentines Day a few years ago. Crispy filo dough replaces heavier starchy pie dough, with just enough cinnamon sugar to add a hint of sweetness to the tart berries broken down briefly in Grand… Keep Reading »

Maisy’s Sponge Cupcakes

Baking creates strong emotional memories for me, starting with baking as a child with my mom. That tradition has carried on with my own, now grown-up, daughter, and I was thrilled when my friend Dee’s daughter Maisy, asked if we could make these sponge cupcakes… Keep Reading »

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

I always have a hard time deciding between the pumpkin pie and pecan pie, so I came up with this pumpkin pie ice cream recipe to go with my pecan pie. The best of both worlds. A small scoop will still afford me the tasting… Keep Reading »

Mom’s Almond-Toffee Biscotti

Biscotti make a great hostess gift when you are invited to a party, and the perfect snack with your afternoon coffee pick me up…. Keep Reading »

Chocolate Fudge Graveyard Cake

Serve with ice cream of your choice (I like coffee ice cream with mine, but almost all flavors of ice cream go well with chocolate fudge cake)…. Keep Reading »