Crispy Ginger Tofu Lettuce Wraps

When Tatjana and her friend Leah gobbled these lettuce wraps up before I could cool the recipe long enough to store it, I knew I was onto a winner. This scrumptious, low-carb, vegan dish can also be adapted for you meat lovers out there too!… Keep Reading »

Chicken Chasseur

This is the French version of Chicken Cacciatore. The main difference is simply the addition of a little brandy, plus using tarragon instead of basil and oregano. It’s such an easy dish to make-ahead for a winter dinner party (and looks very Christmassy since when… Keep Reading »

White Meat Lasagna

A lot of my clients will not eat red meat, so I started coming up with flavorful white meat options of family favorite classics. This can be made with either chicken or turkey, but I personally prefer the slightly stronger flavor of turkey. It can… Keep Reading »

Oven Fried Chicken Parmesan Tenders

Tatjana requested this as her last supper at home. It is quick, easy, and hits that fried chicken craving with about 1/2 the calories.
 … Keep Reading »

Chicken Mole

I’ve always been intrigued with the use of sweet ingredients in savory dishes, so the use of chocolate in this rich, spicy sauce is right up my alley. In the book (Like Water for Chocolate) Tita makes Turkey Mole for her nephew’s christening (they needed… Keep Reading »

Chicken Paprika

This has been a favorite dish of mine since I was a little girl. Comforting, mildly spicy, and creamy with a hint of my Hungarian origins – children and adults alike will find this satisfying to both palate and tummy…. Keep Reading »

Whatever You Please Pot Pie

Individual pot pies are an exceptionally versatile way to cook for varying diets in the same household with minimal effort. If you stick to this basic vegan recipe, then throw in some roasted chicken, turkey, or steamed crab or lobster (if you really want to… Keep Reading »

Chicken Tarragon

This simple French dish was one of my favorites as a child. The slightly licorice taste of the tarragon gives such a whole new dimension to chicken and tangy white wine sauce…. Keep Reading »

Escarole & Orzo Soup with Turkey Meatballs

This soup is one of my favorites on a cold, winter night!  Make sure you have plenty of crusty bread to sop up the delicious broth.
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Spinach, Pepper & Feta Stuffed Turkey Breast

I like to eat turkey year round, but usually only have a crowd big enough to warrant a whole turkey on Thanksgiving (and even then I often prefer a more intimate crowd). This Spinach, Roast Pepper & Feta Stuffed Turkey Breast is a perfect option… Keep Reading »

Chicken Kiev

Crunchy oven fried coating outside with a boost of rich flavor from the garlic butter oozing from the center of these juicy chicken breasts make for a perfect family dinner any night…. Keep Reading »

Curried Turkey Replay Salad

This was originally a client favorite chicken salad, but when I had some leftover turkey last Thanksgiving – I thought why not? It’s fast becoming another holiday tradition in this household, because I actually prefer it with turkey. Serving it in a melon half is… Keep Reading »

Oven Fried Chicken with Honey-Mustard Aioli

The secret to this healthier version is getting the crust crispy enough to satisfy that fried chicken craving by adding just a little canola oil to the egg mixture, so the panko bread crumbs oven-fry from the inside as well as the outside. Drizzle with… Keep Reading »