Tangy Orange Glazed Salmon

This citrusy glaze really brightens up scintillatingly fresh salmon with just a hint of the exotic. Fast, easy, and perfect for any weeknight dinner, but elegant enough to serve to guests at a dinner party…. Keep Reading »

Curry Rub for Grilled Lamb Chops

Marinades and rubs are the easiest way to let your tastebuds travel, shake up your routine, and keep finicky eaters happy at the same time. Just season their chops with salt and pepper before grilling along side your spice rubbed chops…. Keep Reading »

Filet of Wild Sea Bass on Artichoke Heart

The presentation of my wild sea bass at Locanda Locatelli  in London was magnificent, and it was cooked to perfection. I couldn’t wait to come home and do my own rendition. It is absolutely perfect for a romantic dinner for two, or if you are… Keep Reading »

Sicilian Halibut

I’ve been making this recipe since my first client requested it, and it still makes me drool ten years later. It seems like everything but the kitchen sink goes into it, yet it somehow creates the perfect symphony of aromas, contrasting textures, and flavors so… Keep Reading »

Fried Calamari

Calamari is one of my favorite appetizers. Perfectly crunchy with just s touch of spice on the outside, slightly chewy, mild tasting squid on the inside. Dipping in a spicy marinara sauce or garlic aioli seals the deal…. Keep Reading »

Poached Salmon with Dill Mayonnaise

In honor of my English rose daughter (or to annoy her) Tatjana, who you might recall wrote a poem called “I Hate Fish Pie” when she was little… I thought it would be nice to have some Poached Salmon, an English summertime tradition…. Keep Reading »

Marinated Salmon Seared in a Black Peppercorn Crust

This recipe was in the Blue Plate Specials of Personal Chef’s Network, the national organization of personal chefs I joined when I started my business. It rapidly became a client favorite, so I’ve been making it to the delight of many ever since. It is perfect for any… Keep Reading »

Macaroni & Cheese with White Truffle Oil

What child, little or grown, doesn’t love a decadent bowl of creamy macaroni and cheese? I like to get experimental and dress mine up a bit, and this one with white truffle oil is definitely my favorite – especially with a little lobster claw or… Keep Reading »

Chicken Satay (Beef, Pork, Shrimp)

Don’t let all the ingredients scare you. It is very easy to make. The great thing about this recipe is that you can taste as you go along, and alter slightly to suit your specific taste. If you don’t care for spicy? Cut back on… Keep Reading »