The combination of moist, tender pork infused with so much flavor from the rub, and the spicy sweet glaze with the crisp bacon has a wonderful mouth feel that will have your tastebuds jumping!

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  • September 5, 2013
    7:43 am

    Do you think this would work with a pork shoulder? I got a rockin’ deal on a pork shoulder and I’m looking for a good recipe for it. Or do you think I should stick to a loin?

  • September 5, 2013
    8:28 am

    I’m not sure it will hold together appearance wise (pork shoulder has more fat throughout, so the meat will be juicy and tender, but tends to come apart easily). It would surely taste great! I say go for it, if you are making a family dinner, but maybe stick to the pork loin roast for entertaining guests.

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