From Catwalk to Red Carpet Ready

Of course, I have my favorites to win the Academy Awards, but I’ll be honest – the part I watch for is the red carpet. I’ll never grow tired of my “little girl dressing up fantasy,” because I need my fashion fix as surely as… Keep Reading »

The Big Guns Are Taking Aim at Oscar

Julie Anne Rhodes, 1996
The big guns are taking aim at Oscar. The past week has been an orgy of screenings in their quest. Everyone is a critic, right? So, I just couldn’t resist jotting down a few thoughts of my own about what I’ve seen.

Security… Keep Reading »

Great Style: From Fashion Stylists to Food Stylist

Julie Anne Rhodes in Elle magazine July 1990
I’ve worked with a lot of stylists in my time, but none quite like Denise Vivaldo, food stylist extraordinaire and probably the most knowledgeable person I know about every aspect of the food industry having cooked for two… Keep Reading »