My Five Cents Worth On Aging Gracefully

“NatureĀ gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty” – Coco Chanel
Learn to age gracefully
It happens to the best of us, if we are lucky, we age. In our society, it’s almost a… Keep Reading »

Breaking The DaVinci Code of Aging

Living in Hollywood, I am acutely aware of the pressure women my age (and shockingly much, much younger) feel to seek the fountain of youth through fillers or a surgeon’s knife. Faces with frozen expressions, plumped up so much they look bloated, or pulled so… Keep Reading »

Homemade Honey-Mustrad Dressing for the summer

5 Tell Tale Signs I’m Getting Older

Like RIP Van Winkle, I fell asleep and apparently woke up 20 years later. I don’t feel 20 years older, but there have been a few tell tale signs. Why cry over the inevitable? I can let myself get all paranoid and obsessed with the… Keep Reading »