Pop Stars, Yachts, and Whirlwind Romance

Julie Anne and Nick Rhodes
You know the saying “if you can remember the sixties, you didn’t live through them.” Well my memory of the eighties (and it’s decadences) are like shards of light through Swiss cheese. More come into focus when I meet up with… Keep Reading »

Lisa Borgnes is Stitching Up the Noughties

I confess, I am an art groupie, and last Friday night was no exception.

Jewels wearing Betsey Johnson, in front of the Warhol-Basquiat
If you are in LA, don’t miss Lisa Borgnes’s super cool exhibition, Stitching Up the Noughties, at the ACME gallery. Love, love LOVED it!… Keep Reading »

The Conscious Cook Challenge Continues

In October I wrote about the book launch party for The Conscious Cook, and how a few of my fellow party attendees asked me to prepare a vegan dinner party for them. Panic set in. I’d never cooked anything vegan, the recipes in the book… Keep Reading »

Toil & Trouble = POOF, Happy Halloween!

Tatjana & Julie Anne Rhodes letting their inner witch out

Ever since I first watched Samantha twitch her nose on Bewitched I have been fascinated with witches. I loved the naughty but cool cousin Sabrina, roared with laughter over the meddling mother-in-law Endora, and adored bumbling… Keep Reading »


“Mommy, Mommy…you’ll never guess what color Daddy’s hair is now!” my 7 year old daughter excitedly reported over the telephone one day (while she was on tour with Duran Duran.)

Tatjana in the South of France

“What color Tatjana?” I replied a bit blase…after all, how many… Keep Reading »


I hit the half century mark this year. Gasp, shock, horror! Yes I just revealed my real age…

I mention it because…I belong to the Andy Warhol school of thought when it comes to age…I’d rather be honest and hope people say “she looks great for… Keep Reading »


I’m not going to lie. Going from hiring the staff to BEing the staff has not always been easy…
When you’ve been married to a member of Princess Diana’s favorite Band, had Andy Warhol on speed-dial, and Mick Jagger happened to be the bartender at your baby… Keep Reading »