Born on the Fourth of July

I’m publishing this just as my (no longer little) bundle of joy arrives by plane, rather than stork; but anyone that knows me knows that I am a sucker for pregnant women and babies, so naturally I lurve a good baby shower!

My baby shower in… Keep Reading »

Oscar and The Chocolate Box Dress

Julie Anne Rhodes doing her best Oscar impression

Uber hip fashion designer Julia Clancey sent me a text this week… “frocks and cocktails in my Oscar suite?” She was very generously offering to dress me for the parties again this year. Alas, even though I feel… Keep Reading »


I’m not going to lie. Going from hiring the staff to BEing the staff has not always been easy…
When you’ve been married to a member of Princess Diana’s favorite Band, had Andy Warhol on speed-dial, and Mick Jagger happened to be the bartender at your baby… Keep Reading »