The Bumpy Road to Success: Staying Positive

The New Year is not off to the best start. Poor little Daisy had to be rushed off to hospital yesterday, the special offer I planned to start running has been delayed, and Murphy’s law appears to be playing havoc with my business plan. Still,… Keep Reading »

Recipe for Success

We all have them – those weeks that Murphy’s law rules, and anything that can go wrong, does. Last week was one of those for me, but as I grow older and wiser, I realize it’s how I react to the various challenges that counts…. Keep Reading »

I Heart You Day

While the rest of the world celebrates Valentines Day as the day for lovers often represented with a heart. For me, it is not as much about intoxicating romance, as it is a very sober day of gratitude about my heart.



A healthy, functioning heart. Just… Keep Reading »