Roasted Mixed Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are inexpensive and usually available year round. Use whichever combination you prefer: carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, rutabaga, turnip, sun chokes, beets, and or, celeriac. If you haven’t tried these vegetables roasted you are in for a treat as they get all caramelized and… Keep Reading »

Ruby Beet Risotto

In my opinion beets are a highly misunderstood, under used ingredient. This unusual risotto makes such a striking first course, or a satisfying main course coupled with a salad tossed in Balsamic Fig Vinaigrette – making it a perfect choice for Valentines Day. The natural… Keep Reading »

Lane Morris Buckman

Dealing with a Fussy Household

I was lucky, Tatjana was always pretty willing to try anything as long as it didn’t swim in the sea before landing on her plate. Most children do object to certain things, but as we grow older our taste buds mature.
Tatjana Rhodes in Montawk, 1987
We… Keep Reading »

The Taste Buds are on Tour of Exotic Lands

I wasn’t planning on doing this post since there is so much else going on right now, and the pics were taken in a dark restaurant with flash (far from ideal food photo conditions), but Cleo was so exceptional I just had to share.

Jewels as… Keep Reading »

Sugar Free

I am totally grooving on how good I feel with no sugar or sweeteners other than fresh fruit. Apart from the odd detox headache, and a little passing brain fog, I’m already seeing enormous benefits. Before you shout “not another health oriented post”, it’s only… Keep Reading »

The Conscious Cook Challenge Week V

Julie Anne Rhodes
Tis the season to be jolly, and entertain! The very first recipe I looked at in The Conscious Cook cookbook had me salivating immediately, but I wanted to save it until now as it is the perfect first course for Christmas dinner. It… Keep Reading »