To My Birthday Girl

I am so happy you have someone to love in your life. Better still, someone with a birthday just two days apart from your own – you’ll always have each other to celebrate with. I’m looking forward to a belated celebration next week, but it is… Keep Reading »

Palm Springs & More Birthday Celebrations

I am stuffed to the gills with birthday cake. This has been a mammoth year of birthday celebrations – the latest of which, as you know, was my mother’s eightieth birthday.
My family knows how to celebrate
The weekend began with a divine dinner at Chez Pierre…. Keep Reading »

Happy 80th Birthday Dad!

Happy  80th Birthday Dad! Tatjana and I thought we would share a few memories and how much you mean to us to commemorate a very special milestone.
Dad in his office at Younkers back in the day
I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to learn more… Keep Reading »

You want a cake recipe?

Chalking Up Another Birthday Today

You would think by now I would have outgrown loving birthdays, but no, I still get as excited as I did when I was two. Evidently that Daisy gets excited too. She woke me barking her rendition of “happy birthday” at 6AM. Thanks Daisy, but I… Keep Reading »

Happy 25th Birthday Tatjana!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATJANA! It’s mind boggling to me that my baby is now a quarter of a century old! After almost as many hours of travel as years old she is (the Rhodes’ family version of candles on a cake) – we are finally soaking up… Keep Reading »

Travel Ain’t What it Used to Be

Once upon a time, making plans to travel was so easy. One call to a travel agent with destination, budget, and perhaps a few sights you would like to see or activities you’d like to engage in, and arrangements were effortlessly made for you. Now we… Keep Reading »

Sometimes on Sunday’s I Get a Little Sneaky

Sometimes on Sunday’s I shop. I confess, this Sunday is a little bigger spree than normal.
Tatjana and friend in Thailand, 1994
I am planning (shhhhhhh, don’t tell her – I want it to be a surprise) to book a trip to celebrate Tatjana’s upcoming birthday in… Keep Reading »

The Seven Deadly Sins or Just Peccadilloes

My clever friend Amanda Eliasch is at it again! This time she enlisted help from equally, creative, and wickedly fun art patron, Kay Saatchi.

Gallerist, Jonathan Brown will present “Peccadilloes””, showcasing Amanda’s new neon works based on Kay’s cartoon drawings of her.  Amanda has humorously lent herself as… Keep Reading »

The Sweet Tooth Fairy Made Me Do It!

I am a bit old to shamelessly milk a birthday the way I have the past couple weeks, and I promise to get off the subject of cake for a while afterwards, but I have to share one of my delicious birthday finds with you… Keep Reading »

Ladies That Lunch: My Birthday

I probably should not be fessing up to such a decadent meal – I am doing A Course in Weight Loss, so it is hardly a shining example of my new found enlightenment. However, honesty is my policy, and luckily birthdays only come around once… Keep Reading »

Happy 24th to My Favorite Birthday Girl!

Nick, Julie Anne, and Tatjana Rhodes

Tatjana will shoot me for calling her a birthday “girl”, but I have a hard time believing twenty-four years have flown by so quickly! The Rip Van Winkle effect strikes again…

Tatjana and Julie Anne Rhodes

I still go looking for my… Keep Reading »

The Housewives on Vacation

Julie Anne and Tatjana Rhodes in Mustique
Last week’s episode of Housewives of New York vacationing in the Caribbean disturbed me. I know it is reality TV, and the more the drama queens bitch, the better for ratings- but really? The Caribbean and cat fights are… Keep Reading »

Happy Birthday to Her Royal Hotness

Julie Anne Rhodes and Amanda Eliasch

I’m missing a glorious birthday bash for Her Royal Hotness, Amanda Eliasch, in London by just a couple days… so frustrating, but the airlines are not terribly flexible these days with the volcanic Gods reeking havoc. So I planned a… Keep Reading »