Happy Anniversary “Jewels” from TRS!

One year ago today I published my first blog. A couple weeks ago I asked you which blogs were your favorites? Here is a look back at the ones you chose.
My Upstairs, Downstairslife has taught me so much about respecting others, setting boundaries and carrying… Keep Reading »

Birthday Wishes and Cake Come True

Julie Anne Rhodes

I may look as though I am carefully considering a birthday wish, but most likely I am just drooling over the main event. Maybe I have made a few wishes throughout the years, but I can assure you… they are immediately forgotten once… Keep Reading »

Milestones & Fond Memories: 2009

Evening Standard Magazine

The last year of the decade has been a busy one. Tatjana and I rang in the year with Samantha Phillips, and Esai Morales, on Sam’s talk show, The Single Life…

Sam, Julie Anne, Tatjana, and Esai

Then we did a fabulous dinner party for… Keep Reading »


I hit the half century mark this year. Gasp, shock, horror! Yes I just revealed my real age…

I mention it because…I belong to the Andy Warhol school of thought when it comes to age…I’d rather be honest and hope people say “she looks great for… Keep Reading »