Orange You Glad it’s the Holidays

Jewels:┬áMeet my twin sister born into a ‘rival’ band by mistake, Alison Hay, who describes the relationship between Culture Club and Duran Duran back in the day as “enemy camps.” We met in passing a few times (most likely powdering our noses in the loo),… Keep Reading »

London Return Ticket

Jewels: Tatjana heads back to London today, and as usual, I have a massive lump forming in my throat, and tears welling up in my eyes. At least this time I know she will be going back to the loving arms of her boyfriend –… Keep Reading »

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Jewels: Hey all – Tatjana is still visiting for one more week and I won’t see her again until June, so Alison Hay has graciously written another of her fabulous guest blog posts to keep you entertained. I just discovered we have yet another thing… Keep Reading »