Harvest Short Rib Comfort

I wrote this recipe for a guest chef appearance I did on a¬†television show. You can watch me make these in the media section of this website for extra guidance, but it really is a simple, adaptable dish that is hard to go wrong with…. Keep Reading »

Braised Chicken & Buttermilk Herb Dumplings

Succulent braised chicken breast with vegetables, rich broth, and buttermilk herb dumplings are the perfect dish to warm your soul on a cold gray winter day. Make this one with your little ones – they will get a kick out of watching the dumplings grow…. Keep Reading »

Braised Chicken Alla Jewels

Chicken is so tender and juicy when braised, and you have to love those one pot dinners. The layers of flavor make this relatively¬†light dish feel like a full-bodied comfort dish. Who says you need to put a little extra meat on to stay warm… Keep Reading »