Christmas Spirit

Since Tatjana and Aaron are not coming home this year (when your kids grow up you not only have to share them with the ex, you have to share them with their boyfriend’s family too – of course the upside is you get two kids… Keep Reading »

Auntie Vera’s Buttermilk Pancakes & Waffles

Do you have little ones that sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Nordic Ware make smiley face and animal pancake pans that are guaranteed to put a smile on the grumpiest sleepy head’s face. My uncle Harlan gave me a useful… Keep Reading »

Friday Food Tip: Making Your Own Buttermilk

Some of you mentioned how much you would love to try the red velvet pancakes and waffles, but didn’t have the ingredients on hand. The red food color can be duplicated with a little beet juice (healthier way to do it too), or omitted altogether… Keep Reading »