Kiss Me I’m Irish!

From sharing cupcakes with Daisy on my birthday to enjoying weather in the 90’s and lunch in Malibu with friends this weekend….
Malibu Pier
… St. Patricks Day is quite literally the icing on the cake while celebrating all week. Okay, so maybe I’m not
Just looking, not… Keep Reading »

A Springtime Christmas Thanks to Nordic Ware

I don’t usually do sponsored posts, because blogging is not my business. I write about my own expertise and experiences with subjects I believe might bring some new awareness, knowledge, or entertainment value to your life.  Having said that, I’m certainly not immune to a perk… Keep Reading »

Let Them Eat Cake: The Birthday Menu

After a whirlwind week in the kitchen, first for clients, then for my own party, I thought  “let them eat cake (and a few more courses)” when I had some friends over for dinner last Friday. I did contemplate an entire menu of desserts –… Keep Reading »

Baking, Holidays, & Memories for Generations

Jewels: If you’re lucky, you have memories of baking with a family member that will warm your soul for a lifetime. As a child for me, it was my Auntie Vera. She made this time of year magical! It was a tradition I lovingly passed onto… Keep Reading »

How Long Can You Celebrate a Birthday?

At this rate, I will be celebrating this past birthday until the next one!

My favorite personal chef from Yuma, Karla Billdt, showed up on my doorstep with her daughter Brityn…

The dastardly diet derailleur’s Brit and Karla
… and a birthday cake three weeks after my birthday!… Keep Reading »

The Sweet Tooth Fairy Made Me Do It!

I am a bit old to shamelessly milk a birthday the way I have the past couple weeks, and I promise to get off the subject of cake for a while afterwards, but I have to share one of my delicious birthday finds with you… Keep Reading »

A Birthday Befitting (Wo)man’s Best Friend

Julie Anne Rhodes, sister Patty, friend Shari, and the pups
Daisy the Dinner Thief has redeemed herself big time. She has been glued to my side, overseeing my recovery ever since I got home from the hospital. Her favorite part of course are the walks, but… Keep Reading »


I hit the half century mark this year. Gasp, shock, horror! Yes I just revealed my real age…

I mention it because…I belong to the Andy Warhol school of thought when it comes to age…I’d rather be honest and hope people say “she looks great for… Keep Reading »