Historical Over Food

Nile Rodgers first introduced me to Chef Joe DiMaggio Jr. while covering Feast for Peace for the We Are Family Foundation last year. We finally met in person last week to talk food, cooking together, and television.
Jewels filming in Elizabeth Emmanuel period costume

My taste buds… Keep Reading »

Historical Over Food: The Rerun

The Wizard of Schnoz  (I had a deviated septum corrected) fibbed and said I would feel better by now. Then someone missed the memo, and invited the Santa Ana’s to the party. Ha ha HA CHOOH! So, when my favorite dining partner on the planet,  Joe… Keep Reading »

I Blame Sam

By guest blogger Morgan Raymond

I do.Sam Bradley has been the cause of several small earthquakes in my corner of the world, none of them bad, but all causing my family, and me, to look at our lives in ways we never imagined.I doubt he realizes… Keep Reading »

I’ll Be Right Back

Work in the real word has interfered with my getting my next cyber world post out to you today, but that just means the next one will be extra special.

Julie Anne on set with Gerard Depardieu

My film career started in France with a small part… Keep Reading »