Chicken Chasseur

This is the French version of Chicken Cacciatore. The main difference is simply the addition of a little brandy, plus using tarragon instead of basil and oregano. It’s such an easy dish to make-ahead for a winter dinner party (and looks very Christmassy since when… Keep Reading »

Chicken Mole

I’ve always been intrigued with the use of sweet ingredients in savory dishes, so the use of chocolate in this rich, spicy sauce is right up my alley. In the book (Like Water for Chocolate) Tita makes Turkey Mole for her nephew’s christening (they needed… Keep Reading »

Chicken Paprika

This has been a favorite dish of mine since I was a little girl. Comforting, mildly spicy, and creamy with a hint of my Hungarian origins – children and adults alike will find this satisfying to both palate and tummy…. Keep Reading »

Chicken Tarragon

This simple French dish was one of my favorites as a child. The slightly licorice taste of the tarragon gives such a whole new dimension to chicken and tangy white wine sauce…. Keep Reading »

Turkey Tenders Dijonnaise

I love turkey this time of year, but don’t want to roast a whole one until Thanksgiving, so this is a great way to incorporate it into your every night dinners or as an inexpensive dinner party entrée.
 … Keep Reading »

Slow-Cooked Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken so tender it will fall off the bone in a rich tomato and mushroom sauce. Just throw it all into the slow-cooker before going off to work, and come home to the enticing aroma billowing through your home, and a hot scintillating dinner waiting… Keep Reading »

Roasted Garlic & Chili Rub Porterhouse Steaks

This versatile rub is an outstanding on any kind of beef, chicken, pork or shrimp. I sometimes find garlic already roasted at the store, which does save time, but it is very simple to do – just check out my note below. Any extra can… Keep Reading »

Orange Glazed Chicken

I hope your family will gather round the dinner table for one of my Asian favorites, Orange Glazed Chicken. Sweet and savory all at once, this kid friendly recipe will keep the adults licking fingers too, and can easily be adapted for an elegant cocktail… Keep Reading »

Stir-Fry Chicken & Beans

Tender, crispy, crunchy, fragrant, sweet and savory – this Asian chicken dish has it all going on to the delight of children and adults alike. Just add some white or brown Jasmine rice, and you’ve got one delicious dinner!… Keep Reading »

Hawaiian Chicken

Hawaiian food is truly a fusion due to the multi-ethnic immigrants to the islands. Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, American, Polynesian, and even Portuguese cuisines all bandy their influence.These child and adult friendly, tasty breasts can be either grilled or broiled, while the marinade is cooked down… Keep Reading »

Fusion Chicken with Grilled Vegetables

This marinade will definitely shake you out of any dinnertime boredom, with your taste buds firing on all cylinders. The addition of smokey grilled vegetables just adds to the fiesta in color, flavor, and texture. You could even round it out nicely with some of… Keep Reading »

Braised Chicken Alla Jewels

Chicken is so tender and juicy when braised, and you have to love those one pot dinners. The layers of flavor make this relatively light dish feel like a full-bodied comfort dish. Who says you need to put a little extra meat on to stay warm… Keep Reading »

Pink Grapefruit & Herb Chicken

Some of the best new recipes come about by mistake. I meant to make Lemon Herb Chicken for dinner one evening, until I realized the only citrus I had on hand was pink grapefruits, so I gave it a try, and decided it was a… Keep Reading »