Pistachio-Chocolate Addict Bars

These Pistachio-Chocolate Addict Bars are my adaptation of the Chocolate Joint recipe from the Chocolate Addicts cookbook. They also happen to be perfect for taking to parties as a hostess gift this weekend…. Keep Reading »

The Holiday Before Halloween

Did you know the holiday season does not kick off with Halloween? Okay, I admit I am a chocoholic, but I swear I am not making this up. Today is National Dessert Day. That’s right – another day to throw calories to
My little kitten trick… Keep Reading »


Ok, I admit it! I sneak the odd chocolate treat from time to time. In fact…in true chocoholic tradition, my motto when it comes to chocolate is “one is good…more is better!” I thought today might be a fitting day to share a couple of… Keep Reading »