Chicken Mole

I’ve always been intrigued with the use of sweet ingredients in savory dishes, so the use of chocolate in this rich, spicy sauce is right up my alley. In the book (Like Water for Chocolate) Tita makes Turkey Mole for her nephew’s christening (they needed… Keep Reading »

Pantry Basics for The Holidays

Whether you plan on baking every day, or a few times this Holiday Season, there is nothing more aggravating than to find a recipe you just have to make, only to realize you’re missing key ingredients. Think about all the home baked gifts you might… Keep Reading »

The Holiday Before Halloween

Did you know the holiday season does not kick off with Halloween? Okay, I admit I am a chocoholic, but I swear I am not making this up. Today is National Dessert Day. That’s right – another day to throw calories to
My little kitten trick… Keep Reading »

Valrohna Chocolate Lava Cakes

This is my interpretation of a dessert Tatjana ordered called  “Half cooked Gil’s” while on holiday in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Rich chocolate cake hot from the oven oozing yummy warm chocolate from it’s center…. Keep Reading »

Please Sir, I’d Like S’more

Shock horror! Yes, I am starting the new year off with a slightly less than healthy eating example since my poor deprived daughter never had a S’more experience growing up. There was a bonfire on the beach almost

Tatjana never had a S’more as a child
every… Keep Reading »

Food in Film: Like Water for Chocolate

Like Water for Chocolate (1992) by Penelope Worley
Nick, Tatjana, and Julie Anne Rhodes
Just like Julie Anne ties in one of her scrumptious recipes to her blog of life’s adventures so too does this film blend in a recipe into each portion of the story. Originally… Keep Reading »

Eataly: A Foodie’s Euphoria

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven last month in New York. I didn’t, and it wasn’t. It was Eataly, the new Italian food Mecca on Fifth Avenue between 23rd and 24th streets. Top chef Mario Batali’s latest venture with Master Chef partner Joe… Keep Reading »

From “Coco Before Chanel” to Cocoa Chanel Shoes: The LA Luxury Chocolate Salon

Nick & Julie Anne Rhodes

My ex once mentioned he liked Thornton’s Continental chocolates after sex in an interview, so Duran Duran fans bombarded him with an endless supply of chocolate truffles and caramels. I don’t, however, recall any sprinkled with sea salt, scented with lavender,… Keep Reading »

Chocolate Mania: Los Angeles Luxury Chocolate Salon, October 11, 2009


Click on the sneak peak bellow…

Read all about it on Thursday! Until then… sweet dreams!… Keep Reading »


Ok, I admit it! I sneak the odd chocolate treat from time to time. In fact…in true chocoholic tradition, my motto when it comes to chocolate is “one is good…more is better!” I thought today might be a fitting day to share a couple of… Keep Reading »