Creamy Gruyere, Spinach & Artichoke Casserole

This is an adapted version of a recipe I got from my friend Sharon Worster. Although I make this all year round for my clients, I think it perfect for the holidays. You can make it ahead, and just bake it off when you are… Keep Reading »

Vegan Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts & “Bacon” Hash

I may be biased, but I think this is one of the yummiest side dish recipes I’ve ever written. So much so, I have been known to eat an entire batch on my own as my meal. YUM!
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Ruby Beet Risotto

In my opinion beets are a highly misunderstood, under used ingredient. This unusual risotto makes such a striking first course, or a satisfying main course coupled with a salad tossed in Balsamic Fig Vinaigrette – making it a perfect choice for Valentines Day. The natural… Keep Reading »

Grammy Pine’s Corn Pudding

This is my friend Jean’s favorite holiday side dish that her grandmother used to make. Coming from the corn capitol of the world (Iowa) I whole heatedly agree this would be a welcome addition to any holiday festivities, and one you could easily bring ready… Keep Reading »

Jewels Roast Turkey

I do not find much difference in taste between a turkey that has been frozen, and one that is fresh unless you are splurging on a free-range or kosher turkey. The frozen one is usually much less expensive, although you must have a big enough… Keep Reading »

Happy Christmas!

“Julie Anne you are a Star! Your food last night was outstanding, people went for seconds and more and more..the cous cous, the chicken stew , the brownies…aah my mouth is one wanted to leave ..Monday evening people stayed until 1 made my dinner party awesome..a big… Keep Reading »

Dreaming of a Lite Christmas

Jewels: Frankly, there are three days of the year I have never been on a diet – my birthday, Thanksgiving day, and Christmas day, but only those days (not the whole period leading up to them), and I do not give myself a license for… Keep Reading »

A Christmas Miracle for a Miraculous Baby

I wrote this post a couple days ago, and planned to publish it on Christmas Eve, but the prayers can’t wait- PLEASE keep this child and her family in your hearts and prayers!

A year ago I wrote a post about a pop-up shop. In that… Keep Reading »

Another Letter to Santa

Julie Anne Rhodes
Dear Santa:

I had a whole glamorous list of goodies for you, but my plumber decided Christmas would be of a more mundane nature this year. I’m getting a new sewage drain for the house instead of this Jean Cocteau bracelet I happened upon… Keep Reading »

Dollymop Pop-Up Shop, How the Chic Shop

Julie Anne Rhodes for Jill magazine, Paris

I normally have my Christmas shopping done by August 1st, because I break out into a cold sweat at the very thought of braving the dreaded Christmas shopping crowds. Ask Tatjana, I won’t go anywhere near a mall this… Keep Reading »

Big Thing

Tatjana backstage at the Big Thing Tour

Facing the holidays alone for the first time after a break-up or, the loss of a loved one is a big thing. My advice is to make plans in advance to spend the holiday in a new way… make… Keep Reading »