My Summer Staycation

I love vacations. All through June and July I’ve been longing to get away, and felt frustrated by the responsibilities preventing me from traveling afar.
Tatjana & Jewels on vacation
Okay, so I did attend a long weekend family reunion in Lake Tahoe, and it was fabulous!… Keep Reading »

Des Moines: There’s No Place Like Home

Is it me, or has┬áDes Moines changed? It’s funny how our perception of the ideal place to live evolves in time. I couldn’t wait to get out as a teen, and I’ve tolerated many ribbings about it over the years (city folk can be such… Keep Reading »

Sentimental Concerts

I’ll never forget my first concert, in fact I remember it distinctly. I was ten years old, and I had brought home a straight A report card, so my mother rewarded me with tickets to see Aerosmith. I proudly donned make-up and my grubbiest, frayed,… Keep Reading »