Will the PCA™ Make a TV Star Out of You?

My motto has always been, “if you can read, you can cook.” I mentor members through the cooking process and my approach to it in the forum daily, but can the Personal Chef Approach™ (PCA™) put a novice home cook on the path to competing… Keep Reading »

Eau de Vie Julie Anne grappa label

Looking Back, and Ahead over Spa Week

Do you ever like to look back through the years? With a blog that is particularly easy to do. This week one year ago, I was toasting a new era with the launch of the Personall Chef Approach™ on Julie Anne Rhodes.com, and celebrating the release… Keep Reading »

The Chill Busting Short Ribs

Models and actresses are often asked to do daft things like walk the red carpet in a sleeveless gown or pose for photos without a coat in forty degree weather.

Braving the London winter without my coat

It never phased me back then. Living in sunny, usually… Keep Reading »

I’ll Be Right Back

Work in the real word has interfered with my getting my next cyber world post out to you today, but that just means the next one will be extra special.

Julie Anne on set with Gerard Depardieu

My film career started in France with a small part… Keep Reading »

Hi Ho, Hi Ho! Off to Work I Go: Part 1

Julie Anne Rhodes on the set

Doing a guest chef spot on a television show is not quite as simple as it looks. You don’t just show up to cook, unless your name happens to be Emeril or Martha (who have an army of people doing… Keep Reading »