Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better & Stocking Your Refrigerator

One thing I forgot to include when I wrote about pantry items over the past couple weeks, is bigger is not always better! Yes, most pantry items have a very long shelf life, but the prevailing American attitude that if a little is good, more… Keep Reading »

Preparing for My Close-Up: A behind the scenes look at cooking on camera

I’ve been cajoled into shooting a few new videos for the Personal Chef Approach website and YouTube channel tomorrow. SO, once again I’m going to have to leave you with an oldie but goodie while I get the set ready, food bought and prepped, think… Keep Reading »

Friday Food Tips: Cooking With Herbs

I like to think of cooking as painting with flavor. Herbs and spices are part of those hues (that if used properly), can accentuate and elevate a simple recipe from ordinary to sublime. Here are a few of my tips on how to use them… Keep Reading »

Clean Plates: 5 Tips to Wasting Less Food

How often did your mother used to say “there are hungry children in Africa” when you didn’t clean your plate? I know I just wanted to shout “they can have my vegetables!” I guess mom is always right, because eventually I learned to eat my vegetables,… Keep Reading »

Cooking with Children

Have you ever asked your kids “how was your day today” only to be met with them pulling a face or, if you are lucky, a one-word grunt? It’s amazing how quickly their tongues loosen up while doing something creative (and productive) with their hands,… Keep Reading »

Review: How I Made The PCA™ Work for Me

Eight weeks into practicing the Personal Chef Approach™, wife, mother, author, and premium member Lane Morris Buckman has generously updated us with her experiences, obstacles, and ultimate victory in using the

PCA™ – showing us exactly what does, and does not work for her. Oh, and did I mention this wonder… Keep Reading »

A Sneak Peak at What’s Up for 2011

While my website gets a major overhaul in the next few months, so will my body – I’m hitting the gym big time. It’s conveniently located in the same complex as my favorite cinema, so I’ll reward myself with flicks for the effort.

Color coordinated sisters… Keep Reading »

I’ll Be Right Back

Work in the real word has interfered with my getting my next cyber world post out to you today, but that just means the next one will be extra special.

Julie Anne on set with Gerard Depardieu

My film career started in France with a small part… Keep Reading »

Dinner Impossible to Dinner Accomplished

Jewels in personal chef mode

Everyone, not just those that can afford to hire a personal chef, could benefit from applying the “personal chef approach” to their own households. We’re all struggling to find that ever elusive balance in our lives; whether you are a single… Keep Reading »

Hi Ho, Hi Ho! Off to Work I Go: Part 1

Julie Anne Rhodes on the set

Doing a guest chef spot on a television show is not quite as simple as it looks. You don’t just show up to cook, unless your name happens to be Emeril or Martha (who have an army of people doing… Keep Reading »