Orange You Glad it’s the Holidays

Jewels: Meet my twin sister born into a ‘rival’ band by mistake, Alison Hay, who describes the relationship between Culture Club and Duran Duran back in the day as “enemy camps.” We met in passing a few times (most likely powdering our noses in the loo),… Keep Reading »

Manners Maketh the Man

So, you’re an accomplished foodie who is savvy, being a member of the Personal Chef Approach™, and what to do with all this talent at your fingertips? Maybe you occasionally throw a dinner party to show off your skills to family and friends. Sometimes you… Keep Reading »

Alison’s Save A Prayer

Hello there to all the talented and fabulous gourmands out there who are loving their Personal Chef Approach™ and the unique glamor and beauty Jewels brings along to it. We always say that we are twin sisters from another band, divorced moms with daughters the… Keep Reading »