‘Tis the Season To Indulge The Sweet Tooth!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but entertaining need not be as difficult as you might think. With so many parties and festivities already going on, I think it’s a nice time to keep it simple yet indulgent, and what could possibly be easier to… Keep Reading »

Pantry Basics for The Holidays

Whether you plan on baking every day, or a few times this Holiday Season, there is nothing more aggravating than to find a recipe you just have to make, only to realize you’re missing key ingredients. Think about all the home baked gifts you might… Keep Reading »

Flowers, Food, & Friends

I finally made time for a social life this weekend! Of course I multi-tasked and still managed to do a little recipe development and photography while having fun (try the cauliflower recipe below – it got a big thumbs up from my guests). I also… Keep Reading »

Rose Scented Pink Grapefruit Angel Food Cupcakes

High tea happens to be one of my favorite services that I offer my clients. It’s perfect for wedding and baby showers, and these light airy clouds of fragrant rose and pink grapefruit angel food cupcakes look so beautifully feminine on a platter with the colorful edible… Keep Reading »

Maisy’s Sponge Cupcakes

Baking creates strong emotional memories for me, starting with baking as a child with my mom. That tradition has carried on with my own, now grown-up, daughter, and I was thrilled when my friend Dee’s daughter Maisy, asked if we could make these sponge cupcakes… Keep Reading »

A Springtime Christmas Thanks to Nordic Ware

I don’t usually do sponsored posts, because blogging is not my business. I write about my own expertise and experiences with subjects I believe might bring some new awareness, knowledge, or entertainment value to your life.  Having said that, I’m certainly not immune to a perk… Keep Reading »

Puppy Love & Pupcakes

I confess! I spoil my dog, because she spoils me with her unconditional love, highly amusing antics, and class A1 snuggles. When I shared a photo I found of cupcakes that look just like Daisy on Facebook, I couldn’t believe the response it got from… Keep Reading »

The Sweet Tooth Fairy Made Me Do It!

I am a bit old to shamelessly milk a birthday the way I have the past couple weeks, and I promise to get off the subject of cake for a while afterwards, but I have to share one of my delicious birthday finds with you… Keep Reading »

Ladies That Lunch: My Birthday

I probably should not be fessing up to such a decadent meal – I am doing A Course in Weight Loss, so it is hardly a shining example of my new found enlightenment. However, honesty is my policy, and luckily birthdays only come around once… Keep Reading »

Choosing Food That Loves You Back

I’m in the check out line at the grocery store, and notice the woman ahead of me eyeballing my cart. I looked down, and realized everything in it was super healthy, with maybe the exception of a box of Kashi. This will probably sound silly,… Keep Reading »

…the Award goes to Golden Globe Cupcakes!

I know, I know – I’m cupcake obsessed, but these Golden Globe Awards Cupcakes are just too over-the-top adorable not to get a major mention. They make me want to throw a Golden Globes viewing party just to have an excuse to make them.

Golden Globe… Keep Reading »

One Old Friend, One New, and Cupcake Bliss

Julie Anne Rhodes by Maisy

One of my favorite nightclubbing partners in crime from back in my vampire-lifestyle days in London, Miss Dee, came to visit me last Friday.

Back in our hipster night owl days

My how times have changed. Instead of tearing up the dance floor… Keep Reading »

A Whirlwind Summertime Visit

If only I’d picked my feet up when walking like I taught my daughter to, it might have been an easier summer, but I was determined not to let a broken ankle slow us down.

Julie Anne & Tatjana Rhodes, a summer walk in New York

Nearly… Keep Reading »