The Cupcake Day Of Reckoning

Julie Anne Rhodes in Elizabeth Emanuel
I want to go to cupcake heaven when I die. For now, Sprinkles at 9635 Little Santa Monica Blvd., in Beverly Hills will have to do.

Guinea Pig #1 made the horrendously fatal (to my diet) mistake of mentioning their newest… Keep Reading »

Happy Birthday to Her Royal Hotness

Julie Anne Rhodes and Amanda Eliasch

I’m missing a glorious birthday bash for Her Royal Hotness, Amanda Eliasch, in London by just a couple days… so frustrating, but the airlines are not terribly flexible these days with the volcanic Gods reeking havoc. So I planned a… Keep Reading »

Birthday Wishes and Cake Come True

Julie Anne Rhodes

I may look as though I am carefully considering a birthday wish, but most likely I am just drooling over the main event. Maybe I have made a few wishes throughout the years, but I can assure you… they are immediately forgotten once… Keep Reading »

Dollymop Pop-Up Shop, How the Chic Shop

Julie Anne Rhodes for Jill magazine, Paris

I normally have my Christmas shopping done by August 1st, because I break out into a cold sweat at the very thought of braving the dreaded Christmas shopping crowds. Ask Tatjana, I won’t go anywhere near a mall this… Keep Reading »


Charity Fashion Show in 1996

I love flowers. There are splashes of color everywhere in LA this time of year… these flower photos were all taken within a block from my home.

I always have been a little “flower child” at heart…maybe the flowers really did have… Keep Reading »