“Without taste genius is but sublime folly.”
–¬†French statesman Chateaubriand

The new site is keeping me on my toes, but I did steel some time out to celebrate my friend Cynthia Occelli’s birthday with a divine afternoon of art, breathtaking views, an indulgent lunch, and a lot… Keep Reading »

Ladies That Lunch: My Birthday

I probably should not be fessing up to such a decadent meal – I am doing A Course in Weight Loss, so it is hardly a shining example of my new found enlightenment. However, honesty is my policy, and luckily birthdays only come around once… Keep Reading »

Serious Food for Thought: Cleanse Wrap Up

Julie Anne Rhodes

In 1990 I was a founding member of Parents for Safe Foods, a group of high profile mothers in England that were concerned about the amount of pesticides, hormones, additives, genetic engineering, irradiation, and other undesirable and inhumane food production practices. We marched… Keep Reading »