A Christmas Miracle for a Miraculous Baby

I wrote this post a couple days ago, and planned to publish it on Christmas Eve, but the prayers can’t wait- PLEASE keep this child and her family in your hearts and prayers!

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Hear Me Roar!

I’ll preface this with a very grateful “she is okay,” but my daughter was hit by a mini-cab in London earlier today. She was crossing (in the crosswalk) when the car came barrelling round the corner, running a red light in the process.

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Happy 24th to My Favorite Birthday Girl!

Nick, Julie Anne, and Tatjana Rhodes

Tatjana will shoot me for calling her a birthday “girl”, but I have a hard time believing twenty-four years have flown by so quickly! The Rip Van Winkle effect strikes again…

Tatjana and Julie Anne Rhodes

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The Graduate

I often say I feel like Rip Van Winkle – like I fell asleep, and suddenly woke up twenty years later.

Julie Anne & Tatjana nineteen years ago
One of the reasons I am too preoccupied to write much at the moment is that my daughter, Tatjana… Keep Reading »

Mother’s Day

Julie and mother “Johnnie” Friedman

I recently asked you to let me know which of my posts on the blog have been your favorites so far. The vast majority of responses were the stories about pregnancy and motherhood. Why? It is where our lives intersect, a… Keep Reading »


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