A Thanksgiving Plan of Action

The secret to the personal chef approach is organization. Dreaming up a feast can be so much fun, but planning, shopping, and doing some of the cooking in advance will help things run smoothly, stress free, and allow you to enjoy your own party, too!… Keep Reading »

Dusting off the Holidays, Pearl Dusting That Is

Occasionally, I can be a very bad influence. I know you’re all starting your “get back to eating healthy New Year’s resolutions, so this post is a little on the wicked side of indulgence for this time of year, but I’ve had this pearl dust… Keep Reading »

Sentimental Concerts

I’ll never forget my first concert, in fact I remember it distinctly. I was ten years old, and I had brought home a straight A report card, so my mother rewarded me with tickets to see Aerosmith. I proudly donned make-up and my grubbiest, frayed,… Keep Reading »

The Holiday Before Halloween

Did you know the holiday season does not kick off with Halloween? Okay, I admit I am a chocoholic, but I swear I am not making this up. Today is National Dessert Day. That’s right – another day to throw calories to
My little kitten trick… Keep Reading »

Please Sir, I’d Like S’more

Shock horror! Yes, I am starting the new year off with a slightly less than healthy eating example since my poor deprived daughter never had a S’more experience growing up. There was a bonfire on the beach almost

Tatjana never had a S’more as a child
every… Keep Reading »

Ladies That Lunch: My Birthday

I probably should not be fessing up to such a decadent meal – I am doing A Course in Weight Loss, so it is hardly a shining example of my new found enlightenment. However, honesty is my policy, and luckily birthdays only come around once… Keep Reading »

A Sneak Peak at What’s Up for 2011

While my website gets a major overhaul in the next few months, so will my body – I’m hitting the gym big time. It’s conveniently located in the same complex as my favorite cinema, so I’ll reward myself with flicks for the effort.

Color coordinated sisters… Keep Reading »

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

It is the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day, and over half of them you could actually call yourself one. Not just any Dad, but one that understands…

“There’s something like a line of gold thread running through a man’s words when he talks to his daughter,… Keep Reading »

Food, and the Next Best Thing to a “Real” Husband (my gay husband of 18 years)

A six year old Tatjana watched Brad do my make-up, and insisted on doing his.

Brad Boles was actually my gay husband before Real Housewives of New York, Jill Zarin’s. In fact I don’t recall ever divorcing him, which makes him a bigamist in the nicest… Keep Reading »

The Strawberry Sublime

Julie Anne Rhodes in Isabella Christensen

Munching on freshly picked strawberries during the peak of the season, is a pleasure everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. The thrill of finding the beautiful ruby red fruit under all the greenery surrounding it, the almost… Keep Reading »

Berry Sweet-Tart Menu for Valentines Day

Julie Anne Rhodes

My Valentine’s Day present for you is that you can now find all of these recipes on the recipe pages of http://www.TheRovingStove.com, so you can impress your sweetheart with a heart healthy romantic Valentines Day dinner for two.

Valentines Day Menu

“Cream” of Cauliflower &… Keep Reading »

“Life is Short, Eat Dessert First”

My friend Lara and I on the beach in Portugal, 1993

There is not a more perfect pleasure in the world than a cold, creamy ice cream cone after a sweltering day of sun bathing, swimming, and jet skiing. It just wouldn’t be summer without it!… Keep Reading »