The Way to a Man’s Heart

Is the way to a man’s heat through his stomach? I’m not referring to what gets a man into your bed, I’m referring to what keeps him there once the sizzle begins to fizzle. What qualities differentiate the women you want to bed, and the… Keep Reading »

The Chill Busting Short Ribs

Models and actresses are often asked to do daft things like walk the red carpet in a sleeveless gown or pose for photos without a coat in forty degree weather.

Braving the London winter without my coat

It never phased me back then. Living in sunny, usually… Keep Reading »

Food, and the Next Best Thing to a “Real” Husband (my gay husband of 18 years)

A six year old Tatjana watched Brad do my make-up, and insisted on doing his.

Brad Boles was actually my gay husband before Real Housewives of New York, Jill Zarin’s. In fact I don’t recall ever divorcing him, which makes him a bigamist in the nicest… Keep Reading »

Lisa Borgnes is Stitching Up the Noughties

I confess, I am an art groupie, and last Friday night was no exception.

Jewels wearing Betsey Johnson, in front of the Warhol-Basquiat
If you are in LA, don’t miss Lisa Borgnes’s super cool exhibition, Stitching Up the Noughties, at the ACME gallery. Love, love LOVED it!… Keep Reading »

From “Coco Before Chanel” to Cocoa Chanel Shoes: The LA Luxury Chocolate Salon

Nick & Julie Anne Rhodes

My ex once mentioned he liked Thornton’s Continental chocolates after sex in an interview, so Duran Duran fans bombarded him with an endless supply of chocolate truffles and caramels. I don’t, however, recall any sprinkled with sea salt, scented with lavender,… Keep Reading »

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Julie Anne Rhodes
Do you believe in ghosts? I do. I don’t know if they are just in my heart or their energy is truly around me, but I often feel a closeness to loved ones lost. It is not spooky or foreboding. It usually sweeps… Keep Reading »


Tatjana & Julie Anne Rhodes at Gil’s

Evening 1 of our highly anticipated vacation kicked off with a magnificent meal in Dubrovnik. The modern decor of Gil’s came as a suprizing contrast to the harbor and mideval walled town our table overlooked. The hip young crowd… Keep Reading »

When Art Becomes Food & Food Becomes Art

Poster photo taken by Nick Rhodes in the kitchen of our house on Gilston Rd.

Wave after wave of memories have washed over me this week since I’ve been back in London. In 1990, I starred in a production of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at the… Keep Reading »


Portrait of Julie Anne Rhodes by Johnnie Friedman
Johnnie Friedman and Tatjana Rhodes
I am sandwiched between two generations of artists. My mother is quite a well known artist in my home town for her abstract paintings and Plexiglas sculptures. Against all odds she even managed to… Keep Reading »


W magazine April 29th, 1990
…at Michael Mina’s XIV

In 1990 I did a play in London called Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. OK, I admit I was obsessed with food even when I was acting! W magazine did this article about me at the time… which has… Keep Reading »