Brit Week Bliss, Even in High Heels

I received an invitation to OPFASHART, which at first glance I read as a less than ladylike bodily function, but then the imageĀ of my friend Amanda Eliasch emblazoned across the front caught my eye – it looked remarkably as though my old pal, artist Duggie… Keep Reading »

London Return Ticket

Jewels: Tatjana heads back to London today, and as usual, I have a massive lump forming in my throat, and tears welling up in my eyes. At least this time I know she will be going back to the loving arms of her boyfriend –… Keep Reading »

Milestones & Fond Memories: 2009

Evening Standard Magazine

The last year of the decade has been a busy one. Tatjana and I rang in the year with Samantha Phillips, and Esai Morales, on Sam’s talk show, The Single Life…

Sam, Julie Anne, Tatjana, and Esai

Then we did a fabulous dinner party for… Keep Reading »