Special Diets & The PCA

Do you have any health issues that can and/or should be addressed with the food you eat? As a personal chef, this is one of the first and most important questions I ask when I do a consultation with a new client. More often these… Keep Reading »

Dreaming of a Lite Christmas

Jewels: Frankly, there are three days of the year I have never been on a diet – my birthday, Thanksgiving day, and Christmas day, but only those days (not the whole period leading up to them), and I do not give myself a license for… Keep Reading »

Surviving the Economy: Financial Woes vs. Fear

Financial woes today are very real, I am feeling it too, but one thing I do know is that fear solves nothing and usually drives you to make really bad decisions. Instead of fear, (and I do know how much easier said, than done this… Keep Reading »